Biggest Regret ???

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  1. Hi ladies - I was just wondering - which bag have you ever passed on - and then regretted not getting - or sold and regret selling?

    And did you end up getting later or not?
  2. Oh, the 05 bleu nuit for me... there is a little bleu nuit hole inside me that might never be filled LOL

    And an 05 choco paddy that was so gorgeous. I don't think I wil ever get one, as I'm not huge on dark brown, but this particular one had the most beautiful leather on it - so smooshy with lots of wrinkles - but I hesitated and it was gone. I will always regret not getting that particular one - it's not so much the colour I love (hence I'm not on a search for one) - it was just that bag...
  3. Chocolate Python:love: on ebay recently. Thought it was doggy. But turned out to be authentic:crybaby: I don't think one will ever turn up again at the right price.
  4. pewter betty
    craie loaf.

    i saw that python and thought it was fake!!!
  5. My biggest regret is not buying a Paddy when they first came out years ago. I thought they would be a one year wonder, but they're still going strong and I could have enjoyed it for all these years and more!
  6. My biggest regret, and I dont think i will ever get over it, was not getting a gorgeous small fox betty from a fellow tPFer...

    i could have afforded it, but didnt introduce my highest bid for some reason and was overbid in the last thirty seconds of the auction...

    I subsequently purchased a medium choco betty at a very good price which is the love of my life (after my children, of course!), but i still kick myself for not having won the fox betty...
  7. Wow, I don't have any? I almost echo minimouse but the standard Paddy doesn't look good on me. So in a way I'm glad the first Paddy was beyond my 'presumed' budget. My regret is not knowing about this website a year earlier!!!
  8. I wish I had bought a Iris studded wallet from e bay a couple of years ago I have never seen another one since
  9. My most recent regret is letting a patent quilted bay pass me by!!! I keep kicking myself about that one:lecture:!
  10. I wish I'd bought more leathergood items from A/W '02 (specifically, clutches and wallets) and also, a black sweatshirt dress with blush flowers and an anchor pendant from A/W '03 - '04. :smile:
  11. My biggest regret and I am still having nightmares about it, is a red patent leather Betty I let go because I wasn't home to bid.:crybaby:
  12. I have been racking my old lady brain and I cannot come up with one single regret? Oh wait - although I have a silver python Silverado there was a larger hobo version that was spectacular on sale last year at both Bergdorf's and Neiman's websites. It popped up briefly and I thought I had it but it was gone - woosh - and I was so sad. A couple months ago someone brought it up in a post and LYM inserted a picture and oh my GOSG! - There it was again filling me with regrets. Still - I do have a form of it but I think the larger bag would be more dramatic. Maybe I will look for it on ebay! Ya never know!!!
  13. Almost my chocolate Mini Paddy. I ordered it and sent it back due to hardware issues. I decided to order a Moka quilted bay with the refund. And don't get me wrong I love my bay (use it loads) but I kept thinking about the mini paddy. Everytime I saw a mini on here I felt abit queasy, so I reordered it (and after sending another one back due to weird leather colour differences) I got my mini. I love her and so glad I didn't pass as its an 06 colour.
  14. a navy blue mini paddy on ebay a few days ago!!
    im on a ban and i saw this little cutey and it was only on £105 so i thought il bid £150 reluctantly then i was the highest bidder until like 5 seconds to go and i got out bid by £5!!!
    if only i had bid a bit more!!!
  15. I'm so sorry I brought up bad feelings! :flowers: