Biggest pet peeve?

  1. I'm curious, tell me what is/are your biggest pet peeve(s)?

    I have plenty of them, but I hate hate HATE when people use my things, especially my COMPUTER without asking. Seriously, I just went to prep myself for bed and came back to find my sister's friend happily chatting away on my computer. She had logged me off from MSN, had closed my windows... I mean, SERIOUSLY, this is MY PERSONAL COMPUTER, not the family's (we all have one, my sister included, why not use hers!!!!), not YOURS!!!! :mad: I'm so pissed!

    When people have no manners, that just kills me.

    Also, I have a friend who will spend HUNDREDS of dollars (sometimes in a WEEK!) on Volcom or other similar skate brand clothes (don't get me started on that :censor:smile: BUT she is too f:censor:g CHEAP to pay for photocopies (5 sheets, that's fifty CENTS) or go to the movies.... yet she earns more money working than any of my friends, and her mom gets her whatever she wants. It's not like she can't afford it, she's just too effing greedy :mad: aand cheap uggghhhh.... I have so many stories but I think sharing them would put me in a bad state :P

    So, spill the beans! What gets on your nerves the most? :P
  2. people making assumptions about me when they do not even know me....or make assumptions about other people and want to discuss with me......I just hate that.....I hate judging people or making assumptions - not my nature......not cool at all.....
  3. i can't stand it when ppl leave trash in my used tissues or bubble gum car is not a trash can...dispose of it when you get out...

    i have many more....that that is probably one of my biggest...
  4. I hate it when people file their nails within earshot. I can't stand the sound. Also, the word "moist" makes me cringe. Typing it just now made me uncomfortable.
  5. my biggest pet peeve would be ppl who leave their stuff all over the place (including the bathroom, especially the kitchen).. i can't stand it when ppl leave their food for example n not clean it up.. i may not be the cleanliest person in the world but by golly, I know how to clean....
  6. I cant stand ignorance especially when it comes to healthcare
  7. I hate it when people tYpE lIkE tHis (gosh just doing that gives me a headache :wacko:) or Decide To Capitalize Every Single Word In Their Sentences. I don't mean to be a capitalization nazi, but I just don't get it! It takes twice as long to type (let alone read) that than to type normally. Am I missing something? :blink:
  8. I've got lots of pet peeve. The biggest is people who destroy public or private property just because they can get away with it.

    Our local council had a huge beautification project of the town square, put up new lights, seats, etc. And they put it narrow lights on the footpath under thick layers of glass. A few weeks after they went in, some idiot smashed them all, every single last one. For what? :censor: Council hasn't replaced them, so everytime we walk across the square, there they are, smashed light holders.

    And idiots who destroy private property for fun. We had our mail box kicked down once, and the numbers got ripped off so many times, it was not amusing.
  9. When people say "like" all the time while they are talking....
    Example: So the other day I was like going to the grocery store and I couldn't believe it when I saw my friend. She was like so suprised to see me, like I couldn't believe I just ran into her out of the blue....etc, etc, etc.....
  10. No offense but I hate it when people mistake your and you're, supposedly and supposably. It drives me crazy!!!
  11. People who don't have any manners and forget to say simple things, such as "please" and "thank you". And shrugging shoulders, saying "I don't care".
  12. My biggest pet peeve is cigarette smoking. There is NOTHING I hate more than sitting in the non-smoking section of a restaurant, and having smoke from the smoking section waft over into my section. If I want my food to taste like a cigarette, well then I'll just eat a cigarette butt!!!:rant:

    Second pet peeve is also smoking related. I HATE when people smoke around children!!!! My friend smokes in her car with her toddler in the backseat. I think she thinks that by cracking the window ever so slightly, that the smoke will go out the window instead of in her child's face!!!!

    I've had way too many people die in my family from cancer. That would explain why I am so passionate about all of this!!!!:sad:
  13. Wow you guys, actually so many of your pet peeves actually are pet peeves of mine too... I had no idea that many things annoyed me :lol:

    It just annoys me so much that people can be so careless and ignorant sometimes, just make an effort, it's not that hard... :hrmm:
  14. Ok - mine might be dumb but I cannot stand when people don't turn off their blinker signals after making a turn. Drives me up the wall.
  15. I have a really hard time with "lazy people." It darn near kills me to meet someone who does not have drive or goals. I just don't understand it. Of course they probably don't understand how I could want to do some much. They probably think I am nuts!!