Biggest Muscles Ever !

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  1. That's vile. But fun to look at, thanks for posting!
  2. Those are not the most important muscles for a guy to have :p
  3. Is that for real?!?:wtf:
  4. wow!!! :shocked:
  5. ewwwww
  6. ^ I was just going to write the same thing! I don't find big muscles to be even a little bit attractive, though I assume that's not their goal when they try to get them this big.
  7. Also, that must majorly limit the shirts you can wear! :lol:
  8. Looks like he ate a love seat and it got stuck up at the top.
  9. Gross!
  10. Oh



  11. Yuk. That's just gross. You gotta wonder what that dude is overcompensating for....
  12. oohhhh....nasty....
  13. i think extreme bodybuilding like that has to be some sort of body dismorphic disorder like anorexia or bulimia. they look in the mirror and still see someone that's not big or strong enough.
  14. is that photoshop?