Biggest Mistake!!

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  1. I think I may have made one of the biggest blunders in LV shopping history.

    I sold my Summer 2013 Blue Ikat Neverfull MM to a resale website in October, and I just bought a mono Neo Neverfull MM, but it's just not my Ikat. The vachetta makes me really nervous on my new one. The worst part is my Ikat Neverfull mocks me on Fashionphile everyday, but she's about $400 more than what I originally paid for her, and $500 more than what I sold her for... I've been seriously considering sending my Neo back to LV and buying back my Ikat. :hrmm:

    What do you think?? Has anyone else done anything quite this bad?
  2. i think we've all made a mistake or two along the way. don't beat yourself up over it. sometimes it's better to just bite the bullet and pay the difference, but only you know if that amount is too much. it hurts for sure, but it sounds like you really miss the ikat. i will say the ikat line is one of my favorites. is there any chance yoogis might do a wishlist request for you and maybe come up with one at a better price? i hate to lose money on something too, but sometimes it just happens. if you truly love her you could sell or forego a slg to make up the difference. good luck with your decision and it's usually best to follow your gut on these decisions.
  3. too bad but if you don't find the bag godd for you then return it
    and do consider re buying ikat matbe not that one

  4. Omg! I am facing the same decision right now. I just recently asked my fellow Tpf members which mono bag I should part with only to justify getting another mono bag. I have the blue ikat only GM version and I was considering selling it to Fashionphile also. I haven't used her since last summer so she has been sitting ever since. I guess you have to ask yourself if you will purchase another NF to replace your ikat. If so then maybe you should try to get your ikat NF back.
  5. Yes....just this week, actually. DH got me the Infini Speedy 30 for Christmas. Days later I found out about the new Black. Had I known about it just a few days earlier, I would have returned my Infini and waited for the Black to come out. I tried to convince myself to keep the Infini because it was close to Black and I would be losing money and overpaying in order to get the Black.. Well, no dice. I sold my Infini for A.OT less than what DH JUST paid for it...then I got the Black. Not financially smart at all, but any money spent on something that's not "quite right" is money wasted. I'm happy with my decision.
  6. Thank you all!! I'm still on the fence because my Neo Neverfull is slowly growing on me. I love the happy yellow interior with my matching bee charm. Lol
  7. That's good to hear the neo neverfull is growing on you. It may just be cold feet about selling your ikat. I think you'll be fine! I say wait it out. If in a month or so, check back and if your ikat is still there, maybe you're meant to buy it back--hopefully price went down by then. If not, then you're meant to enjoy your brand new bag!
  8. I love my blue IKAT but there is the chipping issue. Maybe you can tell yourself that? I would love the happy yellow interior with the bee charm. I think you just need to follow your heart on this one!
  9. I always try not to sell limited edition bags. Those usually gain in value over time. Neo NF will be around for a while. I would not worry about chipping issues of Ikat as they can either replace the handles or it might not even happen (it did not on mine - unlike vachetta, which will look not so good over time.) But then again, I am biased, as I love my Ikat NF in Velour. The interior is a work of art, TDF. Not a fan of Neo at all.
  10. I think the Neo Neverfull is fantastic! I prefer that over the Ikat. Give her some time to win your heart over?
  11. I was in the same situation last week with my infini empriente. But now i am ok with my black empriente. So you will be ok too. ;)
    Anyway.. I have ikat too. And i love her so much. I only wear 2 times then i got chipping issue. I bring back to LV and they changed to new one. :smile:
  12. I WAS going through the same issue until I just bit the bullet and got my baby back. It also kept haunting me on the website, so I thought it through and she is on her way back home. I'm glad I decided to get her back as she is all leather and with the price increase it seems that the leather bags were hit the hardest. I can't wait for her to be back on my arm. GL. 😄
  13. Agree, it's better be happy with your purchase even if you spend a little more ;)
  14. I love my ikat. I use her everyday. I would get your ikat back!
  15. I think you're just having a bit of separation anxiety. :smile: (for lack of a better term)
    just leave it the way it is. you've made your choices based on what's best with the current circumstances. just enjoy your new purchase and let someone else enjoy your ikat. :smile:
    you'll end up shelling another $900 just to undo your choices. not very wise, in my opinion.