Biggest lv collection!

  1. who here has the biggest lv collection of anything lv? or at least a collection with an insane amount of lv.
    sorry if this question has been asked before, but im just curious...
    aren't we all?
    im just dying for some eye candy, and id love to see the person who has the biggest collection!
  2. I wanna know too!
  3. And me!!
  4. It's not me, but I want to see too!
  5. I counted my collection just yesterday. With purses and wallets I have a total of 30 LV pieces. I know someone here has more than that. When I have 1 hour I'll take them all out and take a picture.
  6. It is not me too. As I have mixed brand of bags. I would love to see too.
  7. there are seriously some people who are in the 100s when it comes to lv stuff! i just want to know who!
  8. there are so many michelle1025, twiggers, twinkle tink, deluxeduck, yeuxhonnetes, bagsandbags.

    really there are so many I'm sure I've missed some
  9. deluxeduck has a pretty impressive collection.. for a GUY, let alone anyone period!!
  10. and think michelle has got to have the biggest white MC collection.. lol. that i've ever seen!
  11. thats my problem, label addict, there are so many people with big collections! i just want to know who is the ONE!
  12. i think overall, kimora lee simmons has the largest collection in the US. but she's neither on here, nor is her collection that accessible for us to see.. -_-
  13. wow mello thanks for those links...they all have amazing collections and pinkish love has the most beautiful LE LV's that I have ever seen incredible
  14. how could i forget twinkle.tink!! yes, hands down, she definitely has one of the biggest. her mc trunks :drool: