Biggest GISN ever!!! - REVEAL


Nov 10, 2009
I'm taking a chance here, because all my Photobucket pics have disappeared from a different thread, but I may have an idea why, and they're all still here in this one, so I'm going to go ahead and do this from Photobucket.

In Shessica's Homemade Cake reveal, I was talking about putting holes in the strap, and I said I'd post some pics of what it looks like.

I'm going to do that, and more, because I figured out another way to wear the long strap and it's *great*.

So, my Homemade Holes!

What I discovered about the long strap, is that if you take the little strap out of the metal loop on the back, it gives you enough room to thread the hook and strap through, giving a stronger base for the strap, and you can then use it, doubled, more securely!

To show what I mean ... little loopy strap pulled out of metal loop making more room to get the actual clasp through:

and then the long strap runs through the metal loop, which is stronger than where I had it before, i.e. through the leather loop below. I'd been worried that the leather loop might accidentally come off the peg (as I've shown above) too easily, so this is more secure.

When not in use, the strap still hangs at a nice length as shown in earlier pics, and when I want to wear it on my shoulder, I just leave the clasps both hooked in front, the strap looped through (as above) in back, and bring both sides of the doubled over strap up to my shoulder and it's the perfect drop length for one shoulder wear!!

Sorry, the bag doesn't look quite as nicely shaped as it did in the earlier pics, because it's empty except for a bit of paper. It doesn't drape as nicely when it doesn't have any weight in it.

I'm thrilled w/ this configuration of the straps though - the perfect convertible (kinda wish I'd thought of this before I'd pounded a bunch of extra holes in the strap, but no big!, I didn't do any damage, and I might use some of them in crossbody or some other config, who knows?)