Biggest GISN ever!!! - REVEAL

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Well, as usual for me, we start w/ a story. Back in early to mid-Dec, I 1st saw the hacked Spring 2 thread, and immediately fell madly in love w/ a bag called Model Behaviour, 4495, in Bronze Nebula. I've never been a metallic fan, but someone had got one of Neimans' Bronze Nebula Boogies, and there's been another Bronze Nebula reveal, I think, and I thought they were absolutely gorgeous. Seems metallic bags are yet another thing I've never been a fan of (eg. N/S bucket bags, but now I adore the Boogie), on which Tano has changed my mind 180 degrees! So I called and got Lily at Tano - she gave me specs on the bag, and said call back in the last 2 wks of Jan or 1st 2 wks of Feb for more info on when & where it would be available. Well, me being me, I jumped the gun a bit and called midway through the 2nd week of Jan - couldn't wait! I got someone to whom I'd never spoken, and she was considerably less than helpful, which surprised me (I've since been reassured that she's very good at what she does, but that her job is usually *not* answering phones and dealing w/ individual retail customers!). She told me 3X, that she didn't think the bag was going to be made, but then each time she said that, she'd ask if I'd called MHB?? I thought, why?, are Alex and Ashley going to make one for me??! I asked her if there might be a sample. She said she'd check and get back to me. She never got back to me, and when I phoned back, she said no, she didn't think there was a sample, but she seemed to be being evasive. I gave up on talking to her, and thought I'd hold off on a decision, and try again in a week, when I'd originally been told to call!! (Impatience - it's a curse.)

    So I started looking around to see what was left in Bronze Nebula, just in case, even though I wasn't quite yet giving up hope on my Model Behaviour (It's still up on the hacked site if anyone wants to see it. It's got the same unique strap that I love on The Real Action, [which MHB *have* pre-ordered], and same shape and general styling). I found a Leave the Light On, on sale at Touch of Sass, but wasn't liking it much in the stock photo. I liked Homemade Cake, but MHB only had it left in Bordeaux, which I'm sure is gorgy, but I wanted Bronze. Then I went to Neimans where there was a 2nd pic of Leave the Light On and it looked waaaay better. You just can't judge *anything* from some of these stock photos. The second pic at Neimans was drapey-er, the colour looked better - it just looked like a whole different bag. I decided if I definitely couldn't get Model Behaviour, I'd get the sale Leave the Light On at Touch of Sass.

    Cut to a week later. I phone Tano and ask for Lily personally this time. We talk about Model Behaviour, and she confirms that sadly, no, it's not being made. However, when I asked her about a sample, she said yes, there probably would be one and they probably could sell it to me. Couple more hours, she's confirmed there definitely *is* a sample, and they definitely *can* sell it to MHB for me to buy it retail. I'm over the moon :yahoo:. However, since this is going to be a real specialty situation, it has to be a final sale from the moment MHB submits their purchase order to Tano. In effect, even before this bag is in Alex or Ashley's hands, I own it - no returns.

    At the same time, I discover that MHB has Homemade Cake back in stock in Bronze!!, on sale.

    So, I have to wait till Lily can get someone to hunt down the Model Behaviour in the back of beyond, sad, "we're not getting made" sample section of the warehouse, and look it over herself, before I commit to what will be for me, w/ all the Canadian extras, a $400 purchase!

    Friday a.m., Lily comes into work, the bag's on her desk and it has a very noticeable Marker mark right on the front near a seam. She's not sure she'd be comfortable selling it to MHB at all, let alone knowing it's going out to a consumer. My heart breaks.:crybaby:.

    Decision time, and we all know how great I am at decisions (there needs to be a sarcasm emoticon!). Do I go for the bag I've been lusting for for over a month, which will cost me over $100 more (factoring in not just extra retail cost because it's a full priced Spring 2 bag, but also U.S. to Cndn $$ exhange and extra duty and taxes), which I already know is damaged w/ a mark that Alex has told me there's almost *no* chance I'll get out, especially from Nebula? Do I get the sale Leave the Light On at Touch of Sass? Do I get the newly in stock, on sale, Homemade Cake at MHB? And why was the HC back in stock? Had someone else returned it and was there anything wrong w/ it?

    Well, I got sumpin!


    Yep, it's a Tano!


    Bit o' strap ...


    More strap ... ooo, this is looking promising.


    So what was my decision?

  2. congrats!!
  3. I have no idea which one you picked. I can't tell anything from the photos!
  4. Me neither! Get it out of the bag Dede!
  5. Hey, this is the fun part!! I got tortured waiting for over a month - I'm gonna torture you guys for at least an hour or two!!
  6. Hmmm..:thinking: Looks like a luscious piece of Homemade Cake to me....:drool:

  7. Yer guuuud Joan :biggrin:. So's my CAKE :nuts:.


    Lots more to come, but I'm going to have supper before dessert!

    Oh, here's one more - same shot as above but w/ flash. The w/o flash is truer to the IRL colour, but the w/ flash gives some idea of the hint of iridescense that this in-freakin-credible leather has!

  8. Want to touch! Que purdy...
  9. #9 Jan 28, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    Wow, it looks pretty IRL! No offense but on some of the stock pics, it looked kinda wrinkly. No wrinkles at all! Just beautiful bronze nebula! Congrats Dede!!
  10. That is a beautiful bag Dede! Good choice!
  11. Wow a Homemade Cake!!! Congrats!

  13. goodness...homemade cake is so pretty and I love bronze nebula. Enjoy!
  14. I am yearning for some nebula now. Very cool!
  15. OH my goodness!!!!!!! It's soooooooo pretty! It looks *SO* touchable!!!! I'm glad you finally got this gorgeousness in your life, congrats dede!!!!!!!
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