Biggest fashion pet peeves?

  1. HAHA! Thank you! Anything platform drives me nuts, but particularly so if it's a pair of flip-flops.
  2. 1. jeans that are hemmed too short or left too long (i.e. jessicca simpson)
    2. clear plastic bra straps worn with spaghetti strap tops/dresses (hello! i can still see the straps!!! why not wear a strapless bra??)
    3. bubble hemline skirts/dresses
    4. crocs on adults (i suppose on kids it's ok)
    5. visible pantylines
    6. lowrise jeans with underwear showing
    7. tops/dresses that tie around the waste in the back
    8. wearing too many patterns/multi colors from head to toe
    9. dirty shoes
    10. unmanicured toenails when wearing open toed shoes
    11. major boob spillage
  3. People that wear pj pants outside or worse -- their fuzzy slippers out on the street. It just grosses me out because they are so grimey looking!
  4. PBC: I think you said it all.. I feel the same way.:tup:
    I think crocs are okay if you are a chef (ie:Mario Batali, his orange crocs)
  5. Does "smell" count as a fashion pet peeves???

    I was just at the bookstore with someone who had a major BO.... ewww!!! I think no matter how great one tries to look but if he/she reeked of BO.... yikes I'd won't even get close enough to notice the fashion!:tdown:
  6. There are a lot for me, but Crocs are not one of them - I think they can be okay for watery areas: garden, beach etc. And I think there are exceptions for people who don't know better or who shouldn't have to worry about fashion anymore (old grandmas etc), but for everyone else, here's my list:

    1) Empty belt loops if you can see them.
    2) Using a ratty old "status" shopping bag to hold lunch, papers etc
    3) Sweats as regular clothes - especially those with the bum messages
    4) Too much exposed skin (cleavage, mid-riff, thigh, feet) at the office
    5) Visible undies or undie outlines - especially under tight clothing so that it bulges a bit
    6) Pants or Jeans that are so long they slide under your feet when you wear strappy shoes or sandals
    7) Wearing a suit jacket as a blouse - at least put a cami under it!
    8) Wrinkly clothing
    9) Wearing runners and socks with office wear while commuting.
    10) Curlers whether under a scarf or not
    11) Wearing a purse across the body when it is not a messenger bag, or when the strap is too short
    12) Outdoor (Eddie Bauer style) jackets over skirts / dresses
  8. Crocs- I see alot of them these days. Unless you are gardening/washing the car/ taking out trash u should just not go there!!!

    Fake bags...need I say more

    People with the wrong colour foundation for their skin, and BAD fake tans

    White socks with suits
  9. Leggins.. are horrid and not flattering at all.
  10. I think this mistake is mostly committed by women with fuller breasts. I guess it's hard to find a strapless bra that can support well, so they wear these for added lift. :confused1:

    As for my hatest fashion pet peeve, wearing ankle socks with sandals/heels/open-toes.:push:
  11. Tights in summer time.
    Visible bra straps when they shouldn't be visible.
    Piercing in lips, nose, tongue and eyebrows.
    Old dingy ballerinas.
    UGG boots.
  12. Socks with sandals of any kind!
    Dogs as accesories. Those poor animals get jostled around in a purse all day!
    Trucker hats...those days are over.
    Bra straps as necklaces....those days are over too.
    Pleated , tapered pants. These type of pants need to stop being produced!
    Black bras with white/light colored shirts. This is not sexy!
    Regular bras with halter/tube tops. If you can't handle a strapless bra then you can't wear the shirt!
  13. 1. Women who are larger, but insist on wearing unflattering pants that give them the "butt in the front" look. Dress for the body you have right now. Not the body you want to have.

    2. Overalls and/or head to toe denim. No need to look like a demented farmer.

    3. People who just don't dress their age. I think you can look age appropriate and still sexy but why would you want to share clothing with your 13 year old daughter? That is just strange to me.

    4. Tanorexics. Enough said.

    5. People who think "trashy" is actually sexy. There is a difference. Really.

    6. People who won't dress for their body type.

    7. People who are sloppy. Take some pride in your apperance and leave the slippers at home where they belong.

    8. People who wear these tiny little purses as "messanger" bags. These look out of proportion on everyone and it isn't a good look.
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. 1. Cracks
    2. Underwear (like that lovely picture of the plaid boxers)
    3. T shirts with writing/pictures in public (yes, you look like a tourist, and you'll be treated like one, too)
    4. Open toed shoes with dirty/unkempt feet
    5. Inappropriate attire--jeans at the theater, flip flops and short shorts in religious houses during holiday services, flip flops nearly anywhere other than the beach and especially with dressy clothes (and the chick who wore them to the WHITE HOUSE is also a no-no)
    6. Fanny packs

    ...I could go on and on