biggest dissapointmet... zippy wallet amarante

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  1. so i'm about to buy zippy wallet in amarante today. unfortunately they're sold out in my country (the netherlands). they've checked the store in belgium and luxemburg also but they're also sold out in there. :cry:

    i've called the store in dusseldorf, germany, and yes, they're also sold out in there! i ask the sa on the phone if it's possible to order from the germany website because i saw they're still available, but she said it's not possible because they only send to germany :crybaby:

    does anyone know whether lv gonna make zippy wallet in amarante again? or is it limited edition?
  2. do you have a friend in the states who could mail you one?
  3. yes, i do have a friend in there and i also have a friend in germany. but i'm about to go indonesia next week wednesday and i'm gonna stay there for a month.
    i guess i have to wait a little longer before i get the beauty zippy amarante :sweatdrop:
  4. i know how it is whenyou want somehting...hold on it will come soon :biggrin:
  5. thank youuuu :hugs:

    this is the second time i want something in amarante and it's sold out! the first one was alma bb... :sad:
  6. ^^awww....have a safe trip to Indonesia. Don't they have an LV store in Jakarta? Who knows, your Amarante Zippy might be there :smile:
  7. ^^Just checked LV site, they have 4 stores in Indonesia: 3 in Jakarta and 1 in Surabaya.
  8. thank youuuuu :hugs:
    i'm so excited to check the lv stores in there. :cloud9:
  9. Did you find one?