Biggest diaper tip I can give

  1. The biggest tip I can give for diapers is get TARGET brand diapers! They are not only CHEAP CHEAP, but they are SUPER absorbant. I found them even more absorbant than other name brands. I can get for $5.75 the same amount that name brands charge $13.50 for, so that's a big difference. They also sell a huge pack for about $13.
  2. Hmmm, may need to try it! Thanks.
  3. Do they sell newborn diapers?
  4. Yes, I think they do sell newborn diapers. #1.
  5. My biggest tip is if you have a boy, make sure "it" is covered at all times, unless you want an unexpected shower!
  6. Great tips! I'm def going to keep these in minds. We're trying out gdiapers when he's past the newborn stage (have to give birth to him first I suppose :graucho:) but will give the Tar-zhay ones a try!
  7. Also, just another tip, For buying diapers, If you have a BJ's or Sams wholesale club, buy their brand is much cheaper, and they don't leak also. (That's what we do)
  8. I love Target brand diapers too. I tried them all and Target wins! They recently raised their prices to $15.09 for 104 diapers size 3. It's still alot cheaper than Pampers and Huggies. :tup:
  9. I seriously wish we had a Target here in Germany!

    We cloth diaper, but use disposables when we go on outings and pampers & huggies get expensive!
  10. I like the Kirkland brand from Costco. We dont have a Target up here in Alaska:sad:
  11. Target brand diapers are good?!? going to go try them next week :smile:) I usually buy Pampers and Luvs but I will give these a shot...

    Good tip- DO NOT buy Walmart brand. They are HORRIBLE and my kids always wake up with a leaked diaper....ewww.
  12. I find they are GREAT and superabsorbant too!
  13. I'm willing to give it a try! :biggrin: Thanks for the tip!