bigger version of the baby cabas?

  1. hey ladies, how are you all doing?

    I wanted to buy a black baby cabas for my sis, but then I saw a pic of a bigger version of the baby cabas, i'm not talking about the large bag with the large CC stitching up front. Not sure if it was a bad fake or somethin', but is there a bigger version of the baby cabas, because the CC hanging down on the side looks small, because the length of the base from the bag is 60cm or something. check out the pics.
  2. Compared to all the cabas bags I've seen IRL and on here, it appears fake. I am no expert, but I think that is not authentic. Sorry but did you buy it already?
  3. lv_freak...Hey there! This looks very fake to me also. I'm not positive but I am pretty sure they did not make the black new cabas version in a larger size. I've seen a silverish one though. I have the black baby cabas and it looks very different than this...especially the leather. The hardware is darker too, more like a gunmetal tone. Hope that helps...
  4. I have never seen that before.. :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  5. It looks fake. The handle has a double leather weave and the stiching is different.
  6. Yeah I think also the "slope" of the bag under the handles looks too deep?

  7. hey girl

    no I havent bought it yet, I called chanel here in zurich (switzerland) and asked them to put one bag aside for me (the normal baby cabas) but then I saw this bag, and I thought it would look better on my sis, but since it doesnt, oh well...:sweatdrop:
  8. the leather looks weird to me !
  9. This bag looks strange to me as well.
  10. Glad to hear that. Congrats on having one on hold, they are still pretty hard to find. :yes:
  11. humm, yeah it looks fake to me.
  12. I think there IS a bigger baby cabas. I saw someone carrying a khaki one at NM when I was carrying my baby annd it seemed taller.

  13. yes i called chanel today and they told me that there is a bigger version out right now, but its very limited and only for ''VIP'', in summer everyone will be able to buy it too, but not right now.:push: