Bigger Stud Earrings!

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    Hi All! I want a bigger stud earrings with 2 carats per ear brilliant cut moissanite. I would want real diamonds but I will not be comfortable to wear it because of the cost. That is why I opt for Moissanites as substitute. Do you think 2 carats (8.2mm) per ear would be huge on my ears? Should I go for 1.5 carats (7.4mm) or 1.75 carats (7.8mm) per ear? Or that would just be the same with my 1.25 (7mm) carat face illusion earrings? I will not use it on a daily basis but for date nights and special occasions.

    As seen on the pictures.

    1.04 carat princess cut stud earrings
    1.25 carat face earrings (illusion)

    Thank you in advance for your responses!

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    I prefer the round earrings.
    Mine are slightly over 2 carat per stud and they don't feel huge (to me)...although part of that might be due to the "shrinkage factor"...ha. You tend to get used to the size over time.
  3. LOL! It never ends with the size!
    I have 2.5 carat per ear and find them perfect. My earlobes are similar to yours and I don't think mine look too big. Are you going to have the stones set in a martini setting?
  4. They're not significantly different in size, mm wise.
  5. Maybe you should upgrade to 3 carats now? Haha! Can you show a picture of your 2.5 carats? For me to visualize. :smile:

    Not martini because I have sensitive ears. The setting would be like this.

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  6. Can you post a picture of your earring when worn? :smile: Thanks!
  7. Glad to know. My concern is that the 2 carats per ear might be hanging below my earlobes. What are your thoughts on the setting Ame? Just posted a pic in this thread. Can not go with martini because I have sensitive ears and earrings might dig deeper on skin with martini settings.
  8. Not my favorite but if they work for you, that's worth a look. Have you tried on stones of these dimensions in your ears to see if these sizes will work for you? If you're worried about that size being too large, it might be a good idea to go see how they actually look.
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  9. May I know what is your favorite setting for stud earrings? Earrings would be custom made but I can check personally loose moissanites stones to be used prior to setting.
  10. The one you dont want/cant wear.
  11. I currently wear .66 cttw moissanite as everyday earrings, and have forever thought of upgrading to 1.5 -1.75 cttw. However, wanted to upgrade to square brilliant / cushion from the present RB studs. CSG have you seen these cuts in moissy in person? Because where I live, I can't see them loose. I have heard that moissy in other cuts than RB might be too yellowish?

  12. They have Forever One Moissanites that are supposed to be equivalent to D, E, or F on the diamond color scale.
  13. The 1.04 carat princess cut I am wearing on the picture is Moissanite. The Moissanites offered by my jeweler are white and has good brilliance. Though I found it too perfect compared to diamonds but I like it.
  14. Thanks, will order a princess or cushion moissy soon :smile:
  15. How much are those?