Bigger newer Coach store coming to Tysons I

  1. When I was there yesterday, I noticed that on the floor above where the current TINY store is located, there's a big empty space with the sign saying "COACH coming in Spring 2007". It's about time they got more room!:yahoo:
  2. Sweet!!!!
  3. The Galleria across the street is a flagship store.

    I've never even been to the store in Tysons 1
  4. :nuts: Can't wait!
  5. Holy! And to think I've never been there yet! This is a good reason for me to!
  6. Great...I love shopping in that area: Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. It's a girls dream come true!!!
  7. Is this the one in Tysons Galleria? That's cool. I always felt that being on the bottom floor sucks...maybe that's why I never go down there. The second floor is where all the action is.
  8. Tysons 1 or (I) and Tysons Galleria are two seperate malls. Across the street from one another though.

    Tysons 1 is a huge mall and has everything. Galleria is smaller and more upscale. Like Chanel Saks Neimans etc.

    I actually work right across the street from the Galleria and have a 12th floor window view of it!