Bigger Lindy?

  1. I saw somewhere on the forum that the new larger Lindy will be 42cm. Can anyone confirm/deny this? Also, does anyone know when it's supposed to come out? TIA
  2. That would be so great - I think a larger Lindy would serve as such wonderful travel bag.
  3. LOL, AL - yeah, that too. I haven't gotten to put all my stuff in one to check if my stuff fits,, but 34cm just doesn't seem that much bigger than 31cm:confused1:
  4. sorry I just dont know but am sure ladies here do so thought I would bump the thread
  5. thanks, ardneish!
  6. I think my wallet just gasped in the agony it knows is coming.......

    I would LOVE a Lindy 42! I was hoping they'd make a bigger one.
  7. That sounds nice! Someone else mentioned not too long ago about a mini Lindy coming out too. :smile:
  8. it's Lindy 45cm to be exact, launching this F/W 07
    cant wait to try it on...
  9. ^^ That's as long as the JPG Shoulder Birkin. But since it's souple, it won't look as long. I'd choose Swift over Clemence in a size this BIG. Clemence would be heavier.
  10. I would love one in Barenia!
  11. That would be a FIRST! Unless the new Barenia is super soft, I don't see how it can take the shape. LOL .... maybe you know something that we all don't! :p
  12. oooh, thanks ladies!!!
  13. mrsS: I've been wanting a Kelly or Birkin in Barenia for so long. I have yet to get one or maybe I won't! :crybaby: because I was told no more Barenia bags will be produced. I've only seen it in toile combo and I don't like toile. The only bag I have with Barenia leather is my Evelyne and Crinoline combo.

    Speaking of the new Barenia, the SA showed me a small agenda in a leather almost similar to Barenia. It's definitely softer in texture compared to the old Barenia. Hermes don't call it Barenia anymore though. I can't for the life of me recall the name :wondering.
  14. ^^ The one colour/leather combo that reminds me of Barenia is havanne evercalf. It's not it, is it?
  15. I only know that there are 2 colors of Barenia, the natural and the dark greenish one (I think they call it dark olive?). But I rarely see the latter one.

    I always see the natural Barenia and toile combo. It's actually a chic combination but I figure taking care of the toile will be tough. I can't imagine if I spill something on it. That will be a major disaster. ACK!