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  1. Yummie Vernis with my girlie Murakami play things
    Small 2 Zippy _ M Anime.jpg
  2. Lovely:heart::love::heart:
  3. So cute!
  4. Very nice! Panda and Onionhead are my favorite Murakami characters.
  5. very cute..
  6. I LOVE ONIONHEAD!!! And, covet the onionhead jewelry box!

    My jewelry would be oh so happy in there!
  7. Soooo cute!!!:love:
  8. OMG!!! is that the hairpin??? it's sooo cute...
  9. Yep. Hair barrettes, made in Italy. So incredibly well made and beautiful, lined in tiny gold outlines..... They are truly little pieces of art...
  10. soooo cute!!
  11. OMG that's so cute and pretty at the same time! Congrats, enjoy!
  12. How cute! I love them all :love:
  13. aww now I'm even more jealous!! They're soo cute
  14. tanks tanks tanks!!!!

    i wuv ya'll....
  15. Ooh so cute!! I love them :biggrin:
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