bigger butt and breasts

  1. i recently lost some weight and by butt is basically non-existent now, is there anything i can do to make it bigger?

    same thing with my breasts, do the breast pills reallly work?

    i heard going on the pill might make them bigger but i dont really want to go back on it cause pregnancy isn't a concern for me right now and i dont want to take it just for body purposes
  2. WOW, NEVER would I recommend to take any pills for anything - haven't even heard of 'breast pills' - but unless you want to protect yourself don't take any pills.

    IMO shape up - more muscle and muscle definition should give you more 'behind'. the best and nicest way.
  3. i think if you do squats and stuff you can make ur butt more roundy..

    that being said i WOULD GLADLY give you some of mine.. haha
  4. Lunges with heavy weights!!! They will firm and tighten that booty. It's what my trainer does and his butt is halfway up his back!!!
  5. Don't take those pills!! They're not FDA approved and very unsafe. For your butt, you could do some squats and lunges, that should built up the muscles in your booty...As for your breasts...I dunno
  6. for your butt, exercise works. squats, lunges, etc. anything that builds up those muscles.

    for your breasts...there's not really an option since they're made of fat. i'd just give it some time while you get used to your new body, it can be odd at first. when i lost weight, i'd still go in to stores and pick up XLs in stuff because i couldn't stop seeing myself as the fat girl.
  7. I agree with those who have suggested squats and lunges for your behind. Don't just do cardio. You need weight training to build muscle. I second hermesgroupie's suggestion for lunges with heavy weights. I do these sometimes on leg day, and my butt is on fire the next day :p

    As far as the boobs thing goes, when I lost weight I went from a 36B to a 36A. It was a little disheartening :sad: But I've learned to live with it (now if only Victoria's Secret would carry more bras in my size :rolleyes: ).
  8. God, I can relate to the non-existent butt, I have to do squats and lunges religiously to even half way have butt!! As far as the boobs go, I used to be flatter than a pancake, until I got a little help from my Dr.!!
  9. definately start weight training, the lunges and squats will definately give you a bum.

    as for boobs, talk to a plastic surgeon if it bothers you that much. personally, i would just embrace my body and work on toning up the problem areas.
  10. There is no pill on the planet that can grow breasts. It's physically impossible. Don't waste your money. Try using weight machines that work on the muscles underneath your breasts -- that will help.
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: So true...Lunges will do the trick! Breast are a tough one, they are fat so even weight lifting will just build the muscle, maybe to look more defined. A baby did it for me, I went to a size DD during my pregnancy, of course now I am just a D (oh, and I obviously didn't get pregnant for bigger boobs, in case I worded that funny)
  12. thanks!! do squats or lunges make your calves bigger?? gosh i just want everything huh.. squats are the ones that you stand in place and pretend like you are sitting on a chair..and lunges are the ones that you kinda walk, but make a 90 degree angle with your knee right? just making sure i got the terms right.. I usually just go to the gym and read off the posters or do what my friend is doing..

    good do know there are things you can do about your butt!! too bad for breasts..

    also those that successfully got rounder butts when you did exercises, did your pants fit better?? as in was it tighter?? i am buying smaller pants (and finally able to fit into my pants from years ago) but i'm down to the smallest size and it is still falling off me, so will working my butt out make them fit better??

    thanks so much for the comments!
  13. every body is different. you can get your pants tailored to make them fit better.
  14. some weight training on the pecs will help a teeny bit
  15. I agree with everybody else about doing lunges and squats. Walking on a treadmill with an incline helps as well. I know you don't want to get on the pill to make your breasts bigger, but I went from a 36C to 36D since being on Ortho.