Bigger boobs without surgery?

  1. No chance in hell am I going under the knife to alter my body in any way unless it would be necessary for survival.
    I would like to make them one size bigger with something natural that has been thoroughly tested by doctors to be effective and safe. Any recommendations?
  2. I find your opinion of breast augmentation very insulting for those who've had the surgery, me included. Alot of us have had surgery the same reason why you want your breast larger.

    The only way your breasts will be one size larger without surgery is if you've gained alot of weight or if you're lactating.
  3. I disagree, I think thats her opinion about her own body. She never said anything about someone else going under the knife.

    And to answer the OP's question...I dont think any pills work, I really dont. But if you find some miracle medicine...please let me know! lmao
  4. ^
    i agree...she didnt say anything about anyone else..she said it about her own body which is her own opinion.

    my friend had tried stuff for a while...she tried pills and even some really weird cream that smelled like grass! but they didnt work!
  5. I read an article in a magazine the other day, the girl in it swore that drinking Guinness had made her boobs bigger.

    Sounds a bit silly but you never know. Do people drink Guinness in America?
  6. Of course we drink Guinness!

    OP...let's think about this for a sec. Are there any pills or cremes that magically make any part of your body larger? Your boobs are mostly fat, so, aside from augmentation, the only thing that will make those fat cells grow is eating more carbs and fat. So there ya go. Go out and down a few Big Macs every week and after a few months you'll have larger breasts!
  7. Honestly, I do not know a great answer. If you work out your pecs, the muscle under your breasts will grow a tad and be more firm. Ask your gyno or Dr about it... they may have some sort of advice
  8. i now birth control pills can make you go up a size but i don't know if you would want to get on them. and theres no guarantee since everyones body is different
  9. My best answer: Padded bras! I like the Victoria Secret "Very Sexy" line.

    As for a medication to take to make your boobs grow, there is none. If you were able to invent such a pill though you could be $$$$$$$!
  10. When I gained weight I went from a B-cup to a D-cup. So maybe if you only put on a little weight they will grow?
  11. I can give you some of mine, I have plenty to spare. :smile:
  12. Chest exercises and birth control pills are the only things that *kinda* work. But results vary for everyone.

  13. I don't see her as being insulting for saying she doesn't want to go under the knife. Just as she chooses not to about her body, you chose to do so as is your right. I also would not want to go through surgery for that myself. I lost a bunch of weight and lost my boobs first :sad: and I would like to at least have them lifted, but don't want to do surgery either. Having gone through 2 c-sections and a gall bladder removal, being cut on again even by choice is not something for me.

    Just like losing weight, there is no magical pill or cream that works. Boobs are mostly fat, so guess its' the Big mac's or maybe the working the upper area may build the upper chest muscle up a bit. I just put on my pusher upper bra and have at it these days.
  14. hmm you could try eating papaya..a little bit everyday, i heard it works but it may take awhile. i have a small chest and my mom makes me eat it -_- how sad..anyways, doesnt hurt to try it
  15. I believe the only way to increase your bust size is to either gain weight, lactate or wear a padded bra. And even so, I have seen women with a full body that still don't have large breasts. I'm chubby and wear D cups, but this is mostly determined by genetics, methinks.

    A younger cousin of mine wanted to make her breasts bigger by taking some natural pills she bought online but they didn't work at all.