Bigfoot sighting in my town, and there's somebody living in my woods.

  1. I live in a really small town. We don't even have a stop light yet.
    We have 5 acres of trees; it's pretty much a big kettle. kettle looks like this: \___/ We live at the edge of it.
    At night from time to time we hear screaming, but since we've seen a bobcat we kind of assume it is that. Or rabbits. Or both.
    Anyways like 2 months ago we hear a woman's voice screaming "Help" over and over again for like 10 minutes- it sounded like it was coming from the woods. Our neighbor called to see if it happened to be any of us screaming, and to let us know she called the Sheriff. She casually added that it seems like somebody's been living in the woods because the guy on the other side of her found feces and toilet paper down there. Anyways the cops looked down there for a very short period of time and didn't find whatver/whoever was screaming. There's no way they searched the entire property, but hey, they're in charge. I'm already scared of being outside in the dark here :P I run to my car in the morning and lock it the minute I get in... paranoid much??

    SO This was on the news last night: Welcome to TODAY'S TMJ4 - The NBC Affiliate in Milwaukee, WI - News, Weather, Sports

    Maybe that's what's in the woods. If so, hey, at least he knows how to wipe :smile: The radio DJs I was listening to this morning were joking that it was a hobo or a hippy, and not bigfoot, and I was soooo tempted to email them my story :P
    Yeah... I just think it's really funny. Apparently the guy also had some kind of ramp in his truck, and they can't find that or the deer body. You never know though, it could really be the GOATMAN, legend has it Mr. Goatman inhabits the same area where Sir Bigfoot was seen!!!!! Cyburbia Forums - View Single Post - Mythical creatures in your neck of the woods (AIB the koala thread)
  2. LOL!!! Goatman!!
    Well I'm more than skeptical of course. But I do find it creepy that you have heard screaming...I'd be running to my car in the mornings also! Keep us updated on Goatman or Bigfoot...
    BTW Rabbits scream???
  3. I wouldn't be worried about Bigfoot so much as I would be worried that an escaped convict or fugitive on the lam would be down there. :s
  4. Oh yes. I stepped on mine once and found out the hard way. They also grunt and make funny little noises.

    I'm not seriously afraid of bigfoot. But I just get this uneasy feeling when I'm outside, and so does my dog. And dogs don't lie :P
    There is this hobo guy that walks up and down my road (there's for at least a mile between my house and the stores at the other end... no idea what he's doing near me) so I half wonder if he's our tp leaving visitor. Who knows.
  5. O.K. my dear, its time to move to the city!
  6. This is a very amusing story. It reminds me of spending my childhood summers out at my Grandparents house in the woods of West Virginia. I was always afraid of Big Foot coming out of the woods to get me...
  7. trust your dog! They always know if something wierd is going on. What a crazy story!!!
  8. haha. I grew up in Milwaukee- I couldn't sleep unless my windows were locked and the shades were down so that ALIENS couldn't get me.
  9. omg that is soo spooky I probably would be to afraid to leave the house let alone run to my car
  10. I live in Milwaukee and was *dying* when I heard about the alleged bigfoot sighting. Sounds eerily like a concocted story from some drunk deer hunters. LOL.
  11. Yikes..hope they figure out what it is soon O.o but yeah trust you dog..animals can see & hear more things than you..
  12. Except it was really some sanitation worker on duty... but still, yes, I was very amused and couldn't stop laughing. Besides for the opening of Cabella's I don't think Richfield has been important enough to make the news before.
  13. oh the woman screaming is really scary. =(
  14. Yeah... My neighbor went outside and yelled "Where are you? Do you need help? Where are you?" and then it stopped. :/ My coworker thinks there's somebody being held hostage down there. But since it's winter and the trees don't have leaves, I'd assume we'd see something down there.