1. Anyone know anything about this site? Seems a little like ******.
  2. Yeah I had heard of it from a seller I dealt with. It sure seems like you have to refer a lot of people though. :s
  3. I just heard of them for the first time and looked them up. I think they're legit, BUT I think that it's difficult to really earn much money from them. On eBay purchases, you get a percentage (20% to start, I think) of the fees on an item you buy, not the purchase price. Despite the fact that I know everyone complains about fees being high, it's going to be a long time before you make much $$ off a percentage of your purchases' fees. The referral percentage is even lower, like a couple of percent, and I would never bother referring people. One message board I saw where people were trying to get others to sign up, everyone was like "woo! I made $6.24 this month...$21.87 in my account." It was chump change.
  4. I got $15+ back last month from bigcrumbs via paypal. It is pretty cool - think about it this way, REBATE. I buy on eBay (especially designer stuff which adds up a lot) and getting some of the money I pay to the sellers back is liberating! Check out BigCrumbs!!! I don't use it to make money because the referral rate isn't that great. However, as REBATE it is awesome!!!
    Not only does it give you a percentage of the eBay seller fees on every eBay purchase that you make... but it can give a percentage back when you buy from other online sellers! Good luck! Go to find out for yourself!​
  5. I signed up for BigCrumbs awhile ago, but I always forget to log in to the site before I bid on an item!! Grr
  6. sounds goood... i iwll check it out
  7. I think it's legit too, but I still can't understand how it all works out. Why does all that money come from??
  8. /\/\ get a quickcrumb link from BigCrumbs and save it in ur favorites :graucho: that way you'll never miss any crumbs!!!
  9. I got to from eBay seller "fashionphile" by reading the "about me" page (scroll it all the way down) and it gave a very good explanatioin about BigCrumbs.
  10. So i did a calculation of a recent ebay-big crumb purchase. It comes to about a 4.5% CB of my final winning price. I think the 26% of seller fees they advertise is misleading.

    *shrug* 4.5% isn't bad.
  11. I've been on Big Crumbs for a couple of years and it is completely legit. It certainly adds up, especially when buying designer items. I usually get between $25-$70 a month.

    I don't get a whole lot from referrals, but those add up too. Free money with minimal effort...where else are you going to find that?
  12. Big Crumbs is good, I got some money back from them.
  13. I use Big Crumbs too! They work with so many retail sites...I use BC with practically everything I buy online. And if a site doesn't work with them, I can usually use Bing or ******.