1. Hi

    I am a newbie! I was wondering if anybody can give me advise please?

    I have the opportunity to buy AUTHENTIC designer bags. I know that I am buying a Birkin.

    I just want to know what are your thoughts on classic bags vs. trendy? I am thinking of being safe and buying classics Chanel and a Louis (even though I don't like Louis). Just while the opportunity is open. I would rather buy a couple of Chloe bags instead of the Chanel and Louis but do you think that Chloe is to trendy?

    Confused and needs another bag like I need a hole in the head!
  2. i naturally gravitate towards classic bags, but i think you should buy what you like. :yes: if you don't like louis, please don't waste your money on one!

    welcome to the forum! be sure to post pictures when you get your new loot!:tender:
  3. Both!

    But trendy bags tend to cost more than classics, in that you'll end up buying more trendy bags to keep up with the times, whereas you can have that one classic bag for life.