Big wallet.. small wallet..

  1. What do you gals like to use more?

    I've always been a big-wallet girl.. (the longer full length ones) vs the smaller clutch like wallets.. only because I think they hold bit more.. and I'm a little weird.. but I think that the bill is better all flat and straight and not bent in the middle.. where it would get bent when put into a smaller wallet. XD That's just the weird side of me.. haha..

    but i've been thinking about getting a new wallet lately.. and i've been admiring the smaller wallets..

    what do you gals prefer? ^^; Any pro and cons for either? :smile:

  2. I am a small wallet girl. I don't carry my check book with me anymore. I actually carry a mini skinny with my cash, license, and one credit card. I put everything else in a very small, multi-function wallet. I used to always carry a big wallet with the checkbook...but not any more.

    Try a small one and see how it works!
  3. I have 3 compact clutch wallets and LOVE the size of this wallet! It's my favorite style!!! I also have 2 mini wallets, but I am currently attached to my new Bleecker compact clutch wallet in British Tan and have been using her faithfully since the day I brought her home!!! Here is her pic: this wallet holds a TON of stuff w/o being big and bulky!!! :tup:
    I dont carry my checkbook w/ me EVER anymore as I know someone whose checkbook was stolen and her entire bank account was depleted!!! IF I need a check to go to a doctor or someplace, I only carry ONE check.....
  4. Mommyville! That's one of the wallets i've been admiring! Would it be to forward of me to ask if you could fill the wallet up with the stuff you carry day to day so I can get a looksey at how "full" it looks? ^^;

  5. Sure, I can do that for you tomorrow!!!! I'm falling asleep here as it's midnight!!!! basically has the 5 credit card slots you see in my pics, along w/ 2 more "hidden credit card slots" you can see inside the hot pink leather pocket, a HUGE dollar bill compartment, a few extra slip pockets that hold your license, insurance cards, emergency cards, etc.....and a big change compartment that is split in half (I use both sides for all my change!!!!) It's a GREAT wallet!!!!!! :tup: and when it's full it isnt FAT and bulky like some wallets's just the way it is, only w/ your stuff in it!!!! I also have a Coach credit card case for my cards that I dont use dept store cards, etc.....
  6. Big wallet girl here :tup: I have tried a small wallet and their cute but they are really small in even my small bags and even though I rarely write checks away from home anymore I have found myself needing them at times and more importantly I like to write my debits and purchases in my check register. And I am a lot like you, I like my money orderly and nice and neat and straight.. and room for my cards. :p
  7. i'm a big wallet girl. :tup:
    i also cringe at the thought of folding weird as that may sound. :p
  8. i used to be a big wallet girl. but i converted to a small wallet. i have a coach tote and a very small coach scarf print pouch. the big wallet can't fit inside the pouch, and i got tired of having to change all the stuff in my wallet, so i just got rid of the big wallet and changed to the one small wallet. but i don't carry that much in my wallet anyway, so i find it unnecessary to have a big one...although i think they are gorgeous to look at! lol
  9. I've been a big wallet girl for many years, but i always admire the smaller wallets and wish i could bring myself to go smaller, but i just can't do it!
  10. I have one big wallet, a white Coach that I love! Once I was introduced to the mini skinny, everything changed!

    Now that I have a bag that is big enough for it again, I have switched out my small accessories for my big wallet again...we'll see how it goes!
  11. i have a coach compact clutch- 8 credit card slots and i use a louis mono clés for all my change (we have $1 and $2 coins in Canada)

    i love the look of a big wallet but i almost never write checks and dont have that many cards (i also keep the extra cards in my clés)
  12. I use a wristlet as my wallet for now (i've tried using a regular wallet before and I just don't like it :confused1:) but I LOVE the look of the bigger, long wallets. I really like the accordion zip-around wallets but they're just not for me yet.
  13. It's a big wallet all the way for me and even then I seem to run out of room to put everything. I just moved my reward cards to a mini skinny. I've got to carry my checkbook with me, our bank doesn't even have a debit card!

  14. I'm a small wallet girl-very small, as in mini skinny! Mainly though, this is because everytime I think I'm going to buy a Coach wallet, I just can't bring myself to spend the $$ on it-I keep dreaming about another bag I'd rather have. So right now I carry a wristlet to keep my coupons and receipts in, and 2 mini skinnies-one for change and gift cards and one for credit cards and cash.

    We'll see though, there are no bags calling me right now and PCE is just around the corner!
  15. Recently I've been a big wallet girl. I always used to have small wallets because my purses were all on the small side. Then I bought my first long wallet at Coach (baby blue optic) and I fell in love! It holds sooo much and I've become so much more organized. Down side is I have to wear slightly bigger purses now.