Big turnoff!!!

  1. This morning when i was on my way to work I saw this guy in a traffic light. It was a handsome guy driving a minivan and wearing white frame sunglasses! :wtf: what a turnoff! I hate guys driving minivans and those glasses!:wtf: gosh!.

    I was just wondering what does it make for a guy to turn you off? In my case I don't like guys that do not take their oral hygiene seriously. Table manners is another thing that bothers me a lot. what about you?
  2. dumb guys :biggrin: and arrogant guys
  3. Lol.
    I can't stand seeing guys sitting at a stoplight with their finger halfway up their nose like their looking for buried treasure.
  4. :push: :throwup: Ish.
    Also, guys who chew with their mouths open or smack their food. Even worse, guys who have stuff hanging out of their nose.:yucky:
  5. Guys that come across unsure of themselves.
  6. that sums it up pretty well!
  7. Men who don't take care of their fingernails.
    Dirty/bitten nails make me wonder what other bad habits they have.
  8. guys that talk non-stop about money. Either how much they have or don't have. Talking about money is such an uncomfortable topic when you don't know a person that well.
  9. Arrogance and men who are way too spoiled/used to getting what they want. I come across those types of guys all the time ... complete type As ... makes sense though given they go to arguably the best business school in the world.
  10. Oh yeah, I hate that too!:throwup:
  11. lol! Bad hygiene! When they talk nonstop about money! Jerks! Conceited guys.
  12. husband is currently dirving the mini van he bought me cuz I am too scared to drive it! hee-hee
  13. Rudeness (in any form) is a big turnoff for me. Mostly, it is lack of chivalry (I'm a southern gal) and no social graces.
  14. arrogant guys are a major turnoff. also guys who wear dirty shoes. they don't have to sporting high end brands but I would like them to be clean.
  15. Not having any ambition
    Thinking that they are God's gift to women, when they clearly are not
    Poor manners
    Want a mommy, not a gf or wife (which accounts for about 75% of them)
    Won't admit when they are wrong
    Won't get in the driver's seat of life

    oh, I could go on...