Big toenail, cracked near base

  1. So in the past month or so, I haven't been able to keep good care of my feet/toenails due to a very heavy schedule of traveling. I had a pedicure about two months ago, and haven't been able to go back due to my schedule; the color stayed on, I haven't lotioned, just nothing. I work out, and have been walking a lot, so this hasn't helped.

    Now, I come to discover my big toenail is cracked and lifting off. It's cracked to the middle, about 2/3 of the way down. from the base of my nail. What do I do? Am I suppose to remove my nail? Can I get a pedicure like this?
  2. You injured that nail somehow, probably awhile ago. I personally wouldn't go get a pedicure with that type of boo-boo. It will grow out before you know it.
  3. I agree, I wouldn't get a pedi either. You don't want to risk getting an infection. Over the summer i sliced into a fingernail with a razor. It was midway down my nail and went down into the nail bed. I kept it trimmed really short and kept it clean. in the beginning I kept a bandaid on it to keep it from getting more damaged. It grew out much faster than I thought.
    Good luck!
  4. Sorry about your toe :sad:. The same thing happened to me a few years ago. It was my middle toe, not my big toe though. It was kind of just hanging there after it started to grow out a bit and I couldn't bring myself to remove it so I ended up just wearing a bandaid on it for a few months while it grew out. I definitely wouldn't go get a pedicure like everyone else said. Hopefully it grows out fast for you!
  5. Don't get a pedicure! The crack and lifting nail are a haven for a potential infection... I got one in my thumb nail from a crack and it took so long to heal. Keep it clean and dry and wait for it to grow out. :smile:
  6. Thank you all. I'm bummed out, but at least it's not sandal weather (technically, but I live in South Florida, lol).
  7. My big toe is cracked right now too! When I first noticed it, it was about half the nail... it's been growing out for a few months and is still cracked but with trimming off the edge it's only the top 1/4 of my toenail now.

    I googled some things and most of them just said to let them grow and be careful how you trim your nail.

    Good luck with yours and be patient!
  8. it will definitely grow out and be healthy again if you just let it be and make sure to keep your feet clean ;) I have a bad habit of stubbing my toes frequently, and I have cracked my big toe more times than I can count... but it always comes back, stubborn little thing!