Big TODs news for the Pacific Northwest US!

  1. We are finally getting some TODs in the northwest! Neiman Marcus discontinued them here, and so did Marios.

    The Downtown Seattle Nordstrom will be remodeling a section of their designer handbag area in August. The area that currently houses Ferragamo and some miscellaneous bags will be turned into a TODs boutique. Forgive me if I shout, but FINALLY!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    This will be the one and only Nordies with a TODs in the USA. Right now there are a few G & D bags displayed near the registers. I am beyond excited...and so in trouble.
  2. Yippppie! I am thrilled to hear that. I am in Oregon and was sad and disappointed when Mario's in PDX and SEA NM stopped carrying Tod's. They are such ideal shoes for the Pacific NW. Thanks for sharing the good news.
  3. This is great news indeed! I hope their selection will be better than the rather unfortunate array of bags at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver.
    One more reason for me to check out that train ride down to Seattle.
    After August, of course!
  4. I agree - perfect bags and shoes for the PNW. Only 2 more months to wait!
  5. Nordstrom is already selling TODs online--they have a nice selection of bags and shoes. Very tempting!
  6. jburgh, I'm thinking about a trip down to Seattle in two weeks. How is the boutique? No one has mentioned it in this thread for six months. It might be near or during President's Week that I am down there, will there be some good sales do you think? (Even just Nordstrom's as a whole)
  7. Not Jburgh, but I was in the downtown Nordstrom Tods boutique last week and they have quite a nice selection at the moment. Several D bags, many colors of the new style G bags and lots of SLGs including wallets and coin purses. The shoe department has tons of Tods as well. Definitely worth browsing through! Have a great trip :smile: