BIG time lust: Paddy Capsule Dome

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  1. It has been a while since I have been captivated by a purse lately. I missed being on the board but what was there to talk about since my purse ban was in full swing? All that is caput! I am in LUuuuvh! This capsule dome bag in black patent is so glamorous. I just have to have it! It may take months and I hope it doesn't get all sold out but IT WILL BE MINE!!!!! :tup:

  2. Where did you see it????:supacool:
  3. I want too know what this looks like also!
  5. It's cute. Still lusting over the Alice in Chains, if you run across that baby let me know.
  6. Love it :smile:
  7. That's TDF for sure!!!!! Oh my, where did you find it????
  8. I wonder if they'll make it smooth leather?
  9. ^^^ Yes, it would be even better with non-patent leather :drool:
  10. I received an email today from regarding new fall pre-orders and BAM! The size is PERFECTION and the color (I am missing a key black purse in my wardrobe) is what I need and the patent makes it sexy for me. Plus the lock is BIG on this one so everyone can see it just fine. The whole thing just speaks to me - a siren song luring me to financial doom - LOL!!! Sure hope there is one around in a few months. Anybody (read OLD) interested in putting me in their will?

  11. I agree, but whow this is very promising would love to see it irl!

  12. HOT!HOT!HOT!
  13. ^^^ITA!! The beloved paddy with an edgy twist!
  14. I love that!!!! :smile: