Big Time Butt Bling

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  1. Would you ever wear a $10,000 pair of jeans?

    Believe it or not, but these Key Closet jeans cost $10,000. Are they made out of gold, you ask. Yes, partly.
    Credit: NY Magazine
    • The buttons on the back pockets are made of white gold.
    • Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals for the thighs and one-carat diamonds on each back pocket, for a total of two carats for the derriere.
    • The graphics are accented with foil and hand spray paint.
    • Kindly, Key Closet is donating a whopping 30 percent of all profits made off these jeans to a charity that helps build schools in Uganda.
    If you want your ass bling with Swarovski crystals, these pair of jeans should become your closet dream. Or you can hang the jeans on the wall and just pray to them.
  2. I would never,
    I would be too afraid to sit down!
  3. Leather sofa and those.....youch!

    Remind me of Great China Wall clothing
  4. yuck. absolutely not.
  5. I bet it is uncomfortable to sit down with all this jewels jabbing you in the butt.
  6. The flowery design on them is just gross! They look like those gross jeans that are marked down to $2 in a sale and have been trodden into the ground because they are beaded in some hideous floral design that no one, however lacking in taste, would want them.

    They are atrocious and the diamonds are microscopic, I wouldn't pay $1 for them let alone $10 000.
  7. too bad they're hideous.
  8. those are a little too crazy for me
  9. First of all, they don't even look remotely expensive, and secondly, if I ever lost even one stone off those jeans, I'd be pissed off. Thirdly, I wouldn't want to take the time to even look for the lost stone.
  10. It's mostly Swarovski, ugh. Too ostenatious for my tastes.
  11. 2 much applications, on the jeans they wouldve made them more simple at least just hte pockets or something, its not like i was gonna buy em lol but still ill be like my a**is the masterpiece . thanks for sharing this.
  12. lol ridiculous, you would ruin the stones when you sit.
    And for something that expensive it shouldn't look like a kids project. :blah::throwup:
  13. No thanks. I don't care how much they cost, they look tacky IMO.
  14. Those are horrid.
  15. Hahaha, Aside from the sitting, who'd put these in the wash?

    The cutting looks bad too. And really, if you're going to advertise such expensive but hideous jeans, at least find a model with a better butt.
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