big THUMBS UP to the new Sig Stripe Tote!!

  1. I have it and love love love it! ( in Pink! )
  2. Pamula--- can you post a picture???
  3. Took a picture and send it to my email from my blackberry-- I will upload as soon as it hits my email. :smile: Excuse my bed.. I was up here and just took it on my bed, my sheets are all wrinkled. LOL
  4. lol- wrinkled sheets are not the point... haha~ bags are the poison.
  5. [​IMG]

    Here you go :smile: Isn't she cute?!?!?
  6. I bought the black and white, then returned it b/c i didn't like the way it looked on me! it does look cute on others. i'll probably end up regretting it... I do have a modeling pic i will post a bit later. I took some pics and sent them to my mother! (who is also a Coach lover) lol when i bought it!
  7. Nice picture of your tote and wristlet. Is the tote big enough to fit a couple of diapers, a bottle of milk, wipes, cellphone, a wristlet and a notebook? b/c I'm thinking of getting the Scarf Print Tote if all of those items fit in there, instead of me having to bring a diaper bag & a bag all the time.
  8. I was going to use my PCE on this but when I saw it in person I wasn't in love. It's a nice bag but not for me, at least right now.
  9. I know I bought the Large Tote and it's awesome!! I use it as my personal/ baby bag!
  10. Congrats... It took me a whole year to fall in ANY signature stripe stuff. I just bought one of the 'older" 2007 totes just recently.( with a punch-pink stripe!)

    Enjoy your new bag!

  11. i want a large! i plan on using it for school.
  12. OH I kinda like that! I'm going to Coach after work I'm so excited to see some of the new stuff up close!
  13. That bag looks sooo adorable with your flower charm!
  14. heres a pic of the black/white tote i bought- then returned (im in my 4yr olds room, horrible shot!)
    one thing that bothered me about it was this- when you wear the tote facing the way it is suppose to, the C's on the back/ side of the tote did not align properly, I was afraid that someone walking behind me may think i was carrying a fake coach. Does that make sense? Maybe it was a flaw on just the bag i purchased? I'd be curious to hear from other's that own this bag if theirs is the same way.