Big thumbs up on the Ananas Isabel bag

  1. I checked out Ananas bags back when the Furoshiki style was really hot. A lot of the trendy sites were selling out of that bag and then Anthropologie started carrying the brand. Some of the first styles were made of a lovely soft lambskin which was just a bit too delicate for me.

    I think the Isabel debuted this last Fall and I decided to order it because it wasn't lambskin, I like the shapes of Ananas bags and it was on sale. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised with this bag. It's well constructed--when you put your stuff in the bags slouches nicely without sagging. I'm finding that bag styles with gentle gathers or pleating at the bottom hold their shape well without having to have a rigid, boxy bottom. Hayden Harnett's Havana hobo is a good example of pulling this off well.
    Any, back to the Isabel. The leather's really lovely and soft. The bag is very, very comfortable on the shoulder or arm. And it has all these fun compartments for organization (I have a Treo phone so I'm tired of bags with one interior zip pocket plus a tiny cellphone pocket). The wooden hardware is quality and really classy (as opposed to tourist beach town look). The bag has a great combo of reserved styling punched up with the hardware touches.

    I got it in the black which all that's left at the Bloomies sale for $240 and I even remembered to use my luckymagrewards so that's 3% more off! I've also seen it on sale in the color brandy at girlshop and anthropologie as of today.
    55230_fpx.tif.jpg IMG_7063.jpg anan_isabel_bag_b.jpg
  2. Congrats on getting a lovely bag!
  3. I think the ananas, esp the grey one, is actually really nice!
  4. Love the red!!!
  5. Me too, I just found one on sale and got it too!