Big Thanks to Meg And Vlad!!

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  1. I just have the feeling to say:
    Thank you guys for the excellent work you do here for us.!
    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    I think PB is the most professional blog in the net, technical and editorial.You give a lot of your time to realize this wonderful place for us.
    I just love to come here and that everybody is welcome:love: :love: .

  2. You're welcome Hon. Sorry about the main page's troubles in the past hour, I've discovered that WordPress wasn't working as intended after the move and had to roll back an old database and ... blah blah... <insert more technical jibberish>

  3. I agree! PB is definitely the most professional forum I've ever encountered with the most sweetest members as well. No drama and lots of love!

    Thanks :biggrin:
  4. Yet another very satisfied and grateful member ! ;)
  5. I agree. You guys do a fantastic job! Always running very smoothly!
  6. This is a wonderful place that I like to refer to as my purse "home". Thank you Megs and Vlad..Also, thank you everyone else!! everyone is GREAT! I was just telling my guy friend today..there is a place for us now! ( well us as in you and me..not as in me and him hehe)
  7. thanks guys, we love you!!
  8. Joining the chorus! This forum is one of the most fun I've ever participated in. Thanks so much for making this possible!
  9. Best blog and forum ever :nuts: Thanks Megs and Vlad!
  10. Thanks from me, too! *HUG*
  11. I love this place:lol: :lol: For years I have been alone in my obsession and now I am among friends:lol: !! THANKS!!!!!
  12. XOXOXOXOXOXO to Megs and Vlad! Without y'all, I think I would feel like a crazy bag lady destined to roam the earth alone forever in my handbag obsession. Thanks for making us feel normal! ;) :P
  13. thanks from me too!!
  14. 100% agreed on all of the above. Your hard work and friendliness is so appreciated. Heres to Vlad and Megs!! YaaaHoooo!
  15. i agree with everyone!!!

    You guys are the best!!!! I love logging on to this forum! thanks so much!!!

    3 cheers for megs and vlad! :smile: