Big Thank You To All

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  1. I've been buying designer bags for over 20 years. Mostly LV with a few Fendi and Prada thrown in. I've always loved Chanel but just recently purchased. I got a WOC, in Dec and a classic flap in Jan. and I'm hoping to add a mini soon. Since I've started reading the Chanel forum I have learned so much about the bags and really enjoy seeing everyone's reveals.
    None of my friends, co-workers, or family are into bags so this is the one place I can go to be with other like-minded people. The only place I have near me that sells Chanel is one Saks and they never have much of a selection and the SA there are not very helpful. If it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't know anything about what was even available. I just wanted to give a big thank you to all of the wonderful, knowledgable, witty, and helpful ladies on this forum. It is both informative, entertaining and a welcoming place. Thank you to all.
  2. I second that!!! Tpf is such a wonderful place!!! You can talk about your love for luxury bags (with me esp. Chanel) without being jugded how much you spent on how many bags... and all are so helpful!!! If you have a bag on your wish list and you don't know where to find it, tpf Ladies will help, for sure!! And you're getting so much information here about the collections and what will be available... I love spending time here writing and chatting here with all these wonderful Ladies!!!

    Cheers to tpf!!!! :drinkup::party:
  3. Love this forum :woohoo:
  4. The members on tpf are always so supportive
  5. I so agree Vonnie! Thanks for starting this thread! I have felt so welcomed! It is such a relief to have a place to come and share a mutual passion for Chanel. I love learning so much
    About individual bags, collections, colors etc. And, how truly helpful everyone is in finding our
    Dream bags.....And, then sometimes reevaluating those dream bags:biggrin:. I love to share in everyone's reveal! So fun...And, the hilarious stories and rants! I think you all for sharing
    this experience with me:biggrin:
  6. I absolutely love the Chanel forum too! I never would have been able to learn nearly as much about Chanel without it. Everyone is so helpful, informative, fun, and funny too! I come here to figure out what my 'next' Chanel bag will be, chat with all the lovely ladies, and I thoroughly enjoy all the gorgeous reveals. The Chanel forum rocks! Thanks everyone.
  7. I totally agree. Thank u ladies for keeping this site alive. Im going to buy my first Chanel, I hope, next friday. And i have learning so much from TPF. And a specially thanks to MaryJoe84!!! Who answer my first post here, and told me that the bag I want may be available and will check for me. All of u is very helpful. Big hugs from Sweden
  8. Thanks :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I will write you on Monday, didn't have the time to check yet, but I will do for sure next week! :tup:
  9. I love this place too!!! I love the sense of community I get from chatting with you all. You all have been a great wealth of knowledge for me.... I appreciate you helping me grow and learn more about all things designer... Plus I'm loving the action shots bc it helps me piece together outfits better!! So thank you all you stylish fashionistas out there!!!
  10. +1
  11. I want to chime in with my thanks too! I live in a country that doesn't even have a Chanel boutique, so I have to shop when I travel. In between trips I have TPF :smile: Thank you everyone!
  12. Yes big thanks to you all too!
    (Not good to my wallet tho :P )

    You educated me on bags and flaps that are so hard to see in person.

    My local NM constantly sell out the popular items so I can't really try them on.

    So many lovely TPFers sharing finds and intels and I received so much help from you all!
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    Agree!!!!! I was always a Bal girl and the ladies on the Bal forum were awesome as well! I was a little intimidated coming to the Chanel forum :blush: because I had never owned a Chanel bag but had lots of Chanel skincare and makeup LOL

    Anyway I have learned so much reading all the posts and the ladies on here are so much fun and I am so thankful to have found you all :heart:

    Thanks to you all as well I have found "my" SA at NM who is the biggest sweetheart and have been able to track down the elusive 2014 valentine mini and amazingly people have reached out to me (a newbie!) to give me leads because I posted on the "desperately looking for" thread

    Since finding the Chanel forum, my wallet is on fire!!! 3 pairs of shoes, 3 bags, a WOC and a mini wallet/card holder :whistle: I think I have a big reveal to do!!!

    Thank you to all the wonderful ladies in this forum! Cannot wait to get to know everyone better :smile:
  14. Haha. I guess we are whole bunch of enablers!

    Please do a reveal!!

  15. couldn't be agree more ! Thank you all of you :heart::heart: