Big sunglasses

  1. How long are they going to be "in"? Is the trend almost over?
  2. In my opinion they will always be in. Jackie O wore them decades ago and they still look good.

    They are fab!
  3. The bigger the better! Woooohooo!
  4. :nuts: They have to be big enough to hide from the paparazzi!!! lol ;)
  5. I love my big sunglasses that flatter my round face!!! Hehehehe..
  6. I love them big!
  7. I'm glad they came back! I have a pair of vintage Chanel that I have been wearing for years, in and out of style. I just :love: :love: :love: them!

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  8. i LOVE big sunglasses :love: but my bf hates them, he calls them "bug eyes" haha
  9. I love big shades, they cover more.:lol:
  10. I've always worn big shades and I love them! People are just now conforming to my style. :P
  11. I love big sunglasses, whether they're in or out :amuse:
  12. I love big shades! They're great for protecting your eyes from the harmful sunlight too.
  13. i love them. i don't think i look good with small shades on.
  14. i've got a big gigantic head, so big sunglasses are wonderfully flattering to it!
  15. I love big sunglasses, only the rimless kind though.:love: