big "statement watch" Leather band or just metal?

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  1. I found a men's hamilton watch rose gold with a brown leather band. It's big(ish) and beeeutiful, but kinda pricey (about $675). The question is, with the big chunky statement watch trend, seems like most of the fashion blog type photos I see are with metal band watches.

    What do you think? Would a brown leather band watch have the same statement "zing" as the metal band watches?

    I found some metal ones that I liked okay, but, for whatever reason this one was saying "buy ME!" However for that much money I don't want one that will look not-so-in next year.

  2. No opinions? What is this TPF or what? Usually if I post a question (re: bags or clothes) I get more opinions than I want!

  3. Oh, I didn't know it was a trend! LOL!!

    I've just bought myself the Guess Ladies "Prism Squared' rose gold plated stone set case with a white strap. I looked at watches with metal straps but decided I prefer leather - for comfort mostly.

    The watch is huge! 35mm diameter and I'm not tiny by any means.
    Am I trendy?! :biggrin:

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  4. Oh well yeah.. .a cartier would be nice :P

    Actually, I have a small tank from years ago and I still wear it often and love it. But it is sleek and minimal. . .I'm going for some umph (without the OUCH so I'm NOT looking at Cartier or Rolex! haha!!)

    Here's one very similar to the one I like--this one is the larger size (44m) and has the date, the one I like is 37m without the date (wish it had it, though, but I have bird-wrists and the 44 is hilarious on me) But other than the date, it looks identical. Oh, and the one I like is a quartz, not automatic (a plus in my book.)
  5. I love that Hamilton! I think you should go for it!

    Leather bands are just beautiful and they are so comfortable.

    And as for trendy, I just buy what I really love. If it's trendy and out of style in a few years, then so be it -- but for the most part that hasn't happened at all and it wouldn't stop me from wearing something I love anyway. :biggrin:
  6. I would not worry about trendy. The watch is a classic and always will be. My question is whether you are comfortable with a leather band or you like the looseness (bracelet style)
    you can get with the all metal band. I quit wearing leather strap watches because in the summer the bands tightness would drive me crazy and those watches aren't meant to be loose.
    It is a very handsome watch!
  7. love it!! I would go for this one. Where do they sell this watch at?
  8. I like the leather bands on large watches! The Hamilton models seem to look so classic on the leather band.
  9. I went back today and actually. . .in the smaller size 37m they only have a brown face. . .i had looked at a brown face and loved it but somehow remembered it as white?

    Anyway, Hamilton watches are for sale online or at dealers. This dude was a dealer but he was asking $675 for a watch that amazon has for $519. . .so I told him that (I really prefer to shop locally and I wanted to give him a shot to at least come close) and he discounted to where, with tax it as only $548. Close enough for me!! So I have it on now!

    I'm wearing it loose "bracelet style" if you will, even though it's a leather band--no other option with superskinny wrists like mine! but I think it still looks cool.

    I tried to get a good pix wearing it but I'm struggling. Here is what it looks like--i took this pic off a website (I don't know if you can tell on the photo but the face is kind of a combo copper/metallic brown and in the center a flatter brown. The gold is a rose gold color)

  10. I love it! The rose gold is really lovely with the brown color! I have a roadster and I have ordered a brown croc band that is about the same color as yours. I think leather bands are very beautiful...Great choice!