Big Spender

  1. I came across a tv show called "big spender"... in a nutshell, the show is about people who overspend...

    this particular episode was about a middle class married woman in her late 20s to early 30s with TWO CLOSETS filled with designer stuff!!! her clothes were arranged and tagged by designer.... the top of her closet was overflowing with gucci, chanel, dior, lv, etc purses that were NOT in their respective dust bags!!! and she had a separate closet for her shoes... and i'm talking about upwards of $400/pair shoes!!!

    The host of the show estimated the total worth of all the items in both closets to a whopping $ 130,000.00!!! pretty bad for a non-Hilton...

    This weekend, my husband promised to take me out shopping... after watching the show, i looked at my closet and wasn't so excited about shopping anymore...:wtf:

    well, at least for now...:rolleyes:
  2. Wow lucky her LOL
  3. Did it show how she was able to afford all of this stuff (looking for shopping tips...hehe).
  4. well, the show is actually hosted by a financial expert who pretty much tells these people what they're doing wrong..

    This particular woman does not have any savings... her mom had to vacate her own house just so she could move in with her husband and live there rent-free... not to mention, her mom had to take out a loan so she could secretly pay for some of her credit card bills behind her husbands back...

    ... i guess the moral of this story is to not be a big spender if you can't afford to be one...

    i particularly refuse to buy a purse or anything considered a "want" using a credit card.. if i can't use my debit card, then i can't afford it...
  5. I was just joking, I figured good financial decision had to be the theme of the show. She definitely has a very understanding mom, mine would leave me to hang if I bought that much stuff and couldn't pay rent!
  6. I saw a show like that awhile ago, was the husband in denial and didn't know how much she had spent? On the one I saw the financial guy made her sell a lot of her stuff on eBay and agree to stick to a budget. She did okay as I recall. She had Cerise LV, I would not have wanted to sell:crybaby:
  7. My hubby is great about my bag addiction, but the key is always being on the up-and-up. He knows I'm not going to hide things from him, but hmmm....a closet full of designer stuff? NICE! lol!
  8. I have seen this show! But I don't think this particular episode!
    This is sick but I like to see what the people have purchased to get themselves into the hole! I could care less about the finance guru.:graucho:
  9. oh.. teehee.. oops i didn't know...

    i know! my mom would smack me silly!

  10. not to be mean but... i couldn't keep my eyes off his shirt!! :roflmfao: