BIG SIGH...Yellow Thompson handle has a rip and more

  1. I finally got my $300 shipped Vernis Thompson from Authentic_lvlady today and i found a 3-4 mm rip on the side of the bag on the small piece of vachetta. Im horrible at explaining it, but its the thin piece of vachetta which connects to this metal rectangle thingy which connects to the strap itself. if that small leather piece ripped completely, the strap would come off on one side. Im so bummed. That bit of leather looks really thin to begin with too. :crybaby:

    ANd also, the bag had like a "C" shaped stain in dark yellow/brown on it its about 3 inches long. Really thin but noticeable if you look at it up close. It still bugs me because in the listing it said the front was clean. I think its because when it was packaged the seller kinda pushed the strap into the dustbag with the strap laying on top of the front of the bag. the stain color is almost identical to the handles. :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Im thinking about asking for a partial refund. How much should i ask for? Man i have no camera with me! I wish you ladies could see. Its not that bad, if i used fabric glue and glued that ripped/thinned part down it would be alright (i think). But the C shaped line on the front bugs me altho its light.

    Everything else seems far my first vernis item didnt go as planned at all.
  2. I'm sorry your first vernis purchase did not go well. Good-luck and let the experts on this forum give you some advice.
  3. That's awful.:crybaby:
    I think you should photograph the tear, marks and send to the seller.
    The bag should be in the same condition as stated on the auction if none of this was mentioned you have every right to be upset and the seller should at least try and do something.
  4. If you post some pics I'm sure someone will be able to help you. From what you described I would probably send it back and ask for a full refund, but I'm extremely picky. I'm sorry the bag didn't turn out the way you wanted.
  5. would LV fix it for free? How long would it take? Im thinking they probably have a few strips of leather laying around which can be made into that part that was ripped. SIGH.

    i just dont know how this can be overlooked. the rip is quite obvious, within 10 seconds of me pulling it out of the dustbag, i saw it.

    the seller did use this really thin crepe (spelling?) paper and stuffed the inside of the bag so it'll keep in shape during shipping. I just wished she couldve wrapped the straps with that thin paper too. So at least it wouldnt stain the bag, let alone the front of the bag!
  6. Email the seller right away. Then send them pics asap. Wait to hear how the seller will rectify the situation. Do you want a refund? If so, then request it; you have every right to.

    So sorry this experience wasn't a better one.
  7. Oh thats terrible - the seller never stated the rip ? this is the reason I'ld rather pay full price at the boutique (even if I can't get my favourite color)... theres too many risks attach to online purchases. Good luck with getting a refund dear !

    I personally think 300 for a Thompson is so cheap that it is likely to have flaws... Why would someone sell it for 300 when they can easily get 600?
  8. youre right it is cheap. But still, at least it couldve been mentioned. SIGH.

    the stain is really not that bad, but i think its the effect of bad packaging---which really bugs me the most esp when they sold tons of LV items before and should know that Vernis is delicate. But you know, ppl make mistakes.

    THank you for all your kind words. Im thinking of asking for a partial refund, I would like to keep the bag. Im just not sure what range/ball park area of $$$ should I be asking for when my bag is already $300 shipped, which is cheap for a Thompson St. It doesnt seem fair if I say to myself, I got it at a steal, I shouldnt complain much.
  9. Maybe let seller offer you a partial refund instead of insisting on a amount since I really don't know what amount is appro. either! oh... well stores might give 10% discount for damaged clothing so maybe 10%?
  10. I'm sorry this had to happen, I was so excited when you got it at such a good deal! I'd contact the seller show her pics and mention the poor packing and ripped leather and get a partial refund...she should do that bc she failed to mention the flaw on the auction...I hope all goes well!!
  11. I'd definitely email the seller ASAP w/ pictures of the rip attached. Hope you get a fair compensation for the tear that was not disclosed. Goodluck and keep us updated!
  12. hugs good luck
  13. i emailed the seller and told her about the tear. i didnt have a camera on me, so I just told her i'll get the pics to her tomorrow.

    She quickly replied and told me that she'll give me a $15 partial refund or I can just send the bag back with the FULL $300 refund which includes shipping. She then offered to refund me extra $15 to help me with shipping because it will most likely cost 25-30 w/ global express.

    It sounds VERY reasonable, but I DO want to keep the bag. It seems like she wants it back also, maybe second thoughts about selling it at that price? She seems very adamant about giving me only $15 bag back or no bag.

    I asked for a $25 refund (almost 10% because purchase price was $289), but in her second email she never said anything. She said she'll wait for the pics and then we can talk about it more.

    She seems like a cool seller. Trying to meet me half way. I'll let you guys know what she says after she sees my pics.

    Do you guys think $15 is OK? The tear is like 3-4 mm, I might be able to fix it with fabric glue.
  14. It sounds like the leather that wraps around the strap attachment to the bag has come loose. I would take it to LV who can send it for repair. Without seeing your pics, I don't think it is a tear, just the thin leather piece has come undone.

    You can also ask LV about the mark and see if they can do anything about it.
  15. heres a pic i found online. the dk green line i drawn is where the tear is. its didnt come undone from the bag, the tear is above the stitches.