Big shout out to jburgh!!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009

    Thank you so much for all your hard work with updating the BC forum.You put in so much time and effort in to the BV forum its unreal. A million thank yous would not be enough for everything you do on this forum.

    You are a constant support in all ways and form outside of BV bags, you are always helpful, you are always informative to the nth degree and just a great BC tpf'er! You are always just there no matter what.

    Lots of hugs :hugs::hugs::urock::ty::urock::dothewave::ps:


    Just know we really appreciate every bit!
  2. Thanks jburgh!! We really really appreciate all of your hard work and effort into reorganizing the forum, welcoming newcomers and especially our SO!!

    You are VERY AWESOME!:tender:
  3. :drinkup::urock::ty::party::ps:Jburgh is THE QUEEN of TPF!!! I loved looking through the color threads and so appreciate all your hard work!!!
  4. The ...:sunshine: of BV group :urock:Thanks Jburgh.....the queen of SO !!!!
  5. I totally agree jburgh is really the best! She is so nice and helpful, BV is my favorite subforum - everyone here is so friendly! Thank you for all your hardwork.
  6. ...I am humbled :blush:

    I do it all for YOU to celebrate and honor our shared passion for BV!
  7. :woohoo:Thanks, jburgh! Don't be humbled, you're terrific!
  8. Yes, yes, many thanks!
  9. Yes, thank you so very much!!
  10. Many thanks! You do a great job as a mod:balloon:
  11. Our mod is fantastic--we're so fortunate to have her. I'm sure there is much more work involved in being a moderator on a busy forum than we can imagine.

    Thank you, J!!! :ty:
  12. jburgh, you are AWESOME!!!!! :Partyhat:

    thank you so much for our new reference section and for organizing the SO!!!!! the SO was alot of work, not to mention $$ up front and we 100% appreciate it!!!!! you are the best mod ever!

    ps. thanks to nerf09 for starting this thread!
  13. Jburgh! I applaud you as well, I love it that we are going to have a BV leather care and maintainance section. Thanks for everything:smile:
  14. Thanks!
  15. :goodpost: