BIG SALE at Bliss!!!

  1. bliss is having a huge blow-out with items up to 80% off :tup:. the sale runs until 2/24 and even though shipping's killer :tdown: there are some amazing deals here :nuts:.

    i got some cleanser that was on sale for $6.40 from $32 and a bunch of other items that i'll either keep or give away as gifts. SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! :boxing:
  2. Great site, thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks for the info!!
  4. Great sale. Site is running VERY slow. I just called in my order and had no problem. Also, use the code BUTTER for a free lemon-sage body butter.
  5. Thanks for posting.
  6. I thinkg I'm going to be naughty... this product sounds awesome! Thanks for posting!
  7. Thanks.

    I stocked up on a bunch of things and used code VISA2 and got $20.00 off. You have to spend $100.00. I paid with a MC so it doesn't seem like you need to use a Visa card.
  8. ^That is so my luck! I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if I can add on to my order and use that code - Thanks lionlaw!!!
  9. i just placed two orders and going to call to cancel the first since stuff might go out of stock today and if they don't honor the code what can we do? =)
  10. I actually called last night and just added to my first order - the girl made it really simple! Unfortunately she took away my body butter and said codes were not usually allowed on sales at all... but let me use the VISA2 code!

    If you are placing your order online though, try to use the BUTTER code, then move on to the next step... go back to the first step (you will see the free body butter added to your cart, and the code gone), then try to use the VISA2 code! Let me know if it works - I may have to call back and see about the free lotion if it goes through... :biggrin:

    Ya baby - I want it ALL!! LOL!
  11. Super deals! I've never seen these products so low, thanks!
  12. great sale. i need the spa though,lol.
  13. My lotion went through. I didn't use the visa2 code because I only (only!) ordered about $50 worth of stuff, and you had to order over $100 worth, right?
  14. Couldnt do VISA2 and BUTTER together :confused1: Great sale though! :yes:
  15. On the phone the girl didn't mention the need for the order to be > $100... she was (I think) going to give me $20 off with the code regardless... however I had added a bunch of stuff to my order to make it over $100 anyways so it went through without a hitch.

    I think I will call though and ask for a copy of my updated order just to make sure everything went through ok.