Big Sale at Belks

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  1. Belks has some Dooney & Borque handbags and wallets at 25% off but the big savings are in the clothing departments. We just got a Nautica cardigan and a Madison hoodie, regular price $119, for $7.45!! They have clothing marked down to $4.98 and $1.98, prices that rival Goodwill.:nuts:
  2. is there an extra 50% off? If so I'm going today!!!
  3. I didn't see anything at an extra 50% off, just marked down 50% on items like Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne then the $4.98 and $1.98 racks.
  4. ah thanks, I generally only do Belk during Red Dots but I'll gocheck!
  5. This is a huge sale-I went on Saturday to the one at Phipp's Plaza in Atlanta. I got several Cynthia Rowley tops that were $218 marked to $99 and then they were marked down to $19.98, a dress for my sister that was originally $175 for $9.98, a Ralph Lauren zip up cream sweater originally $159 for $9.98, and then 7 Madison Studio cashmere sweaters that were $100 for $4.98. It's fabulous for finding some bargains!:tup:
  6. Really, how can you go wrong at 95% to 98% off. Phipps Plaza is a bit out of our way but we will be going down there on saturday to see if Saks or NM has the Prada Fairy bag, hopefully Belks will have some deals left.
  7. I went today and got a pair of wide leg Juicy pants for 9.98! I also got several Lacoste shirts for around $30 apiece.
  8. I love Belk!!!
  9. can I have the think for the store
  10. but they don't have any Belks in NJ, it is a chain mostly in the southeast part of the country