Big reveal, but need some input!

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  1. So I went in to visit Damian at Saks in Philadelphia this evening to just check out a trapeze in person....and truly fell in love with it, and brought it home! I was shocked at how beautiful they are in real life. Here is my issue....I had totally planned on waiting for a black mini, and am on multiple wait lists/preorders for it, but now I don't know what to do!!! This bag boasts a very supple leather, and just more flair than the mini, but do I dare keep the trapeze instead????? Please let me know what you think! BTW this is BGmommys bag that she so graciously gave up so I could find it in my hands! ;) Sorry the pics are links, I am forum new and can't figure out how to make the pics small enough to upload.
  2. It is lovely! Keep it!
  3. it's gorgeous! definitely a keeper congrats!! :happydance:
  4. This is my favorite color combo, those gorgeous colors compliment each other so well! :heart: I definitely think it's a keeper. The Trapeze is seasonal (not sure if they will be reissuing it) and you can always get a luggage later on.
  5. So pretty I love that bag! I would keep it if I were you. Plus it looks amazing on you. It's such a unique bag. I had this bag on my wish list but it got bumped by the Phantom and now I'm seriously considering it again. Plus the extra strap to me makes it so worth it. You can always find a black mini. That I am sure of. Congrats!!!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  6. Thank you for the kind encouragement....I was concerned at first that it might be too trendy??? Hence my initial thought on getting the black mini, but with the center portion looking more like the box, I think it may look like a flared version of the timeless box? Ugh decisions....
  7. Keep! It's lovely!
  8. Yes totally!! I agree I am not a huge fan of the box myself and actually prefer the uniqueness of this bag. I hope you keep it. it's gorgy:smile:
  9. keeper for sure
  10. This bag is gorgeous on you! I am really liking the color combo and it looks very easy to carry. Though the black mini is classic, this bag seems more special to me. Keep!
  11. This bag looks great on you! It's a keeper for sure ;)
  12. You ladies (and gentleman) are the can I not keep it when the decision was unanimous! It really is amazing in person, very functional for such a luxurious bag. I don't feel any of the pictures I had seen up to my in person sighting could have prepared me for it's beauty, keep this in mind ladies!
  13. The colors are beautiful! Keeper!
  14. It's gorgeous! I hope you decide to keep it.;)
  15. definitely a keeper! :tup: