Big Reporter, yes or no

  1. Hi at all!

    First - my english is very bad!!! I am from austria and my schoolenglish is terrible:rolleyes:

    I love the big reporter bag. But do you think I can wear this bag also in 5 years??

    Or is it better to buy another bag? I have one classic chanel bag and one from the cambon style but they are to small.

    Reporter yes or no????
  2. I really don't like it. But that's just me. It's really bulky on the shoulder and it looks more like hand carried luggage than a purse. Also the fact it is cambon makes me not like it even more. But there are some ladies here who love and own it.
  3. of course as absolutanne said it depends on people taste ( for instance i hate chanel vinyl cabas while everybody loves it) but i would say yes. I love it. sur that shoulder carrying is not confortable that's why i carry it in my hand. But it looks perfect and become for sure a chanel classix in some years.
  4. I would say go for it if YOU like it, because it's your opinion that matters the most. Personally, I never thought I liked this line, but fell in love with the small reporter style in brown with brown patent CCs (the fact that Cambon is highly faked was off putting in the past, as well as other factors), but I can't wait to get my bag now. However, you said you have one classic and one small cambon, so maybe the longevity is better with a larger classic IMO... maybe try on a lot of different bags, and if you still want the reporter above all else, get it :smile: If I were adding to a collection, I'm not sure this that the large reporter would be my third bag over a classic, but who knows... good luck!! :smile:

  5. I love it I say if you like it go for it
  6. Love it:p If you like it...:yes: