Big rave for Ralph Lauren, boo for J.Crew

  1. I ordered gifts for my boyfriend from both these sites and marked "gift" for all of the purchased items.

    I could literally have just handed over the RL box to my boyfriend for Christmas. Each item inside was individually and beautifully wrapped, complete with bows (which by a miracle weren't even crushed during shipment). And my J.Crew items which were definitely marked GIFTS didn't even come with gift boxes... they came in plastic bags and all the price-tags were still on. RL removed the prices from the gifts I ordered.

    Anyway, rant over. Sorry. I know it's not a big deal! I guess I was just so impressed with one company and so unimpressed with the other.
  2. I love it when mail ordered items come in nice boxes. Isn't RL also a lot more expensive? That could also be why this was so.
  3. I don't have experience ordering from J.Crew, but it seems like half the time I order things and mark 'gifts' from places, they don't package it any differently and only send a gift receipt. WTF? I mean I appreciate the gift receipt and all...but really.
  4. I love the packaging also from Ralph Lauren, they'll even do a card for you. Ready to give. There is a 30% coupon floating around for them. Happy Holidays...