Big rant sold a bag and two minutes after the buyer is having issues~

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  1. I sold a Chanel for over 1800. The bidder had emailed me asking me to cancel her bids as she did not intend to bid 1800 and wanted to max bid of 1575. I cancelled her bids then she must have rebid same amount. She won by 25.00! Now she is questioning why she has to pay 1829 for the bag and not 1575. OH MY GOSH I am so mad! I really wanted to purchase another bag and now here we go again. What the heck! I am so mad. I changed my buyer requirements for her also as she only had 1 feedback. I sent a second chance offer to the next bidder but I likely will have to relist and start all over. Sorry had to vent!:smile:
  2. Sounds like your buyer hasn't taken account of other people bidding on the bag!

    Send her the bid increment link:

    Explain that whilst you appreciate she wanted to win it for 1575, other bids in competition to hers had other ideas and were willing to pay more for the bag therefore her bid was increased accordingly.