Big purchases you make aside from bags...

  1. Hi all!

    My expensive purchases are always bags and bag related. Although I do have one other hobby and that is horseback riding. I've been riding and showing my entire life. I sold my last horse in November and stopped showing due to a broken ankle. Since then my bag addiction has gone through the roof! I usually don't blink twice throwing down big money for a bag. Well now I'm looking into buying a new horse and I'm acting all sticker-shocked at the cost of all the new items I need to get. And some of these aren't even as much as what I'll pay for in a bag. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you sometimes have no problem spending on a bag but tend to be more cautious when putting money down on other items in the same price range? How do you get over it?
  2. Hey multicolored! I used to ride when I was young(er). I dearly love horses!! Sorry you had to sell your horse: hope your ankle is okay now.

    I spend a lot of money on travel (althoug haven't yet this summer except to Chicago). Last summer I traveled to Europe and Asia. I'd say that's my biggest expense besides handbags.

    I am totally with you on being aghast at how much some things cost but then not bat an eyelash at a $1.5K bag. I remember being irritated that I couldn't find a cheaper plane ticket to Nice (it was $1,500 roundtrip) but I've paid that for a Chanel bag.

    I just get over it because ultimately it's more important for me to have EXPERIENCES rather than things! I know you probably feel the same way about riding horses: the time you spend with a horse trumps any handbag in this world!

    My horse's name was Star. What are you going to name your new horse?
  3. I actually don't really make any other big purchases asides from handbags.. maybe that's why I don't have a digicam yet but I feel that's okay since I just use my bf's.
  4. I would say that my other big purchases would be furniture and household accessories, although I haven't bought much in awhile.............thank God.
  5. urrrrgh! :rant: i gave up collecting rubbershoes, poloshirts from lacoste, oooh i havent stop my obsessions on gadgets(cellphones, players) YET..:yahoo: but i will for LVs...:tender: :girlsigh: :love:
  6. ooops double post sorry
  7. travelling and clothes and shoes... but yes, i do spend ridiculously more on bags... :smile:
  8. i would have to say vacations are my next big ticket items. i don't even want to think about it when i get my credit card bills, seeing all the foreign currency exchanges on my purchases give me a migrane.
  9. Right now I'm improving my house. I just bought some new appliances for the kitchen, am putting down new floors soon, shopping for a painter and relandscape my back yard. After my bday no new bags for awhile!
  10. I would say that my other big expenses are related to my house....I'm repainting and redecorating the whole thing...and yes I'm a cheapie. I wait until paint goes on sale ($23 a gallon is ridiculous lol) and stock up. I bought a new that was an LV all by itself and I hate doing laundry!
    The other thing I hate spending money on is food....hubby loves food (he's a big guy!) and alot of our money every month goes to it....irritates me to no end!
    Fortunately I don't have very many other hobbies (besides books)!
  11. I'm starting to get into really expensive shoes. I sent over 600 including tax for a pair of shoes Sunday.
  12. Electronics.. I love them ! Video games, computers, gizmos.. it's bad, but oh so good !
  13. :girlsigh:Jewelry!
  14. We spend money on cars and electronics. We used to spend a TON on eating out but we are trying to focus more on eating at home. Oh of course Starbucks...If I cut out Starbucks I could afford another car payment - pretty sick. Everything thing else I am pretty cheap about. I havent bought clothes in a couple of months and I live out of flip flops so no expensive shoes for me.
  15. i was spending a lot of money buying collectible toys. but now, i move to bags and bags only.