big problem with my lovely spy bag

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  1. hello. i have had a zucca print with leather accent spy bag for a couple of months now. i bought it from neimans at tysons corner in VA. the problem is that the lipstick compartment (the handle that hangs down) will not stay closed anymore. i wish i could take a picture, but my digital camera got dropped in the shower when i was taking some picks from my long distance bf (long story but it is not as naughty as it sounds).

    anyway, i am talking about the lil hatch that says fendi on it. i try to close it, but it won't stay closed; it just falls down. i love the bag, but i won't wear it because it is embarrasing. i called the fendi boutique but they won't do anything because i bought it at neimans and the SA that i bought it from has not returned my calls. what should i do?

    have any of you had this problem?
    i was going to buy a brown wisteria leather spy, but now forget it
  2. Take it back and show the SA..They can have it fixed for you free of charge
  3. If no one gets back to you in like 4 days (retail sometimes people take 3 days on 4 days off) call her manager and if that does nothing for you call the store manager.

    And digital camera in the shower...hmmmm how could it not be naughty :lol: . Unless you need construction advice :huh:!
  4. I would take the bag back to the store. They can't ignore you when you are standing there infront of them. I would go when you know they are going to be busier, if there are other customers around I'm sure they will get it taken care of for you pretty fast They won't want the other customers to think they have bad service. Good luck! Keep us updated.
  5. Go to fendi boutique and ask for help.
  6. I remember reading about this problem in TFS. You have to look at the hinge connecting the lid to that little lipstick tube to see if the tiny screw has come undone. If you have those little screwdrivers (used for tightening eyeglasses), you can tighten the screw yourself. I hope that makes sense, just don't overtighten the screw.
  7. thanks for your advice. i have bought 7 bags from neimans and had no problems so i just feel like i don't know what to do. i will go there as soon as i can get out there. you are all real sweeties. i'm wishing great karma your way!!!
  8. That's such a brilliant advice!! At least, we don't need to waste time to go all the way to NM!!:amuse: :amuse: Thxs, anyway!!:biggrin:
  9. I shop at the Neimans in Tysons Corner all the time. They're great. If you don't succeed in repairing it yourself, they'll repair or replace your bag without complaint.
  10. There is an SA there, relatively new, named Kevin (I believe). He is really nice (I purchased a Gucci bag from him and he was really nice and did not pressure like some of the other SAs there), so I would try seeing him to get it repaired.