Big Problem With Best Buy & Acer!

  1. I am very upset. I brought a new laptop from Best Buy in April and have not started using it until last month. The computer work great but I started noticing that the paint was coming of of the laptop and one of the hindges are now missing. The only place this laptop has been was ontop of my desk. I called acer and they told me to send it in, I asked if I could bring it to Best Buy were I brought it from. They said yes because thats wer you brought it from and we have a contract with them. I went to Best Buy yesterday and went to the service desk, I told them that Acer told me to come here because there is a defect in the computer the paint is coming off and a hunge that was GLUED on is missing. He started getting angry b/c I told him acer told me to come to them and that my 1 yr warranty does not cover cosmetic damage. I said that it was not my problem its acers b/c its a defect. He goes well it looks like it was rubbed off:cursing: I could not believe this guy, so I started yelling at him and telling him that I paid all this money and after 5 months the paint is coming off. He told me to not raise my voice at him:cursing: well I gave him a few choice words after that.

    So I called acer in best buy and they told me another story now, they said if I send it in that thre going to charge me $199 for the cosmetic repair. I also told him I did not cause this damage and that it has to do with the manufacture. Ok I am very upset now:crybaby: I just looked at the back of my computer and it says MADE IN CHINA, do you think that there is a problem because it was made in china???

    Please give me some ideas of what I should do. I was thinking about calling my loal news paper do you think that will help?

    Thanxx everyone
  2. well, i work at Best Buy, so perhaps i can give you some advice.

    first of all, this is NOT Best Buy's issue and Acer was incorrect to tell you to bring the computer to us. After the 30-day return policy, product defects are an issue to be dealt with by the manufacturer (unless there was a service plan purchased and the defect is within the service plan). Sometimes, the manufacturer will use our service department to honor their manufacturer warranty, but there may be a charge because it all depends on the terms of THEIR warranty (something that Best Buy is not involved in whatsoever - we're simply a retailer. We don't set manufacturer warranty terms and we don't manufacture products. It's very easy for customers to blame us when something doesn't work, but it's not our fault. We didn't put it together. I assure you, you wouldn't want us to put it together.

    There's not a single manufacturer's warranty or extra service plan on the face of the planet that covers cosmetic damage. If it was within our return policy, we could have helped you and replaced the computer, but after that, our service guys cannot repaint your computer. That's way outside of their scope of work - they're there to fix hardware and software issues. Possibly they could order you a new hinge from the manufacturer, but Acer would probably charge you for it. Again, that's Acer's policy and not Best Buy's. We're simply an intermediary between you and the manufacturer at this point because you're outside of our return policy. We go by what they say.

    Also, look at it from our perspective - we don't know you, and you've had a laptop for 5 months and suddenly it's defective because the paint is coming off. We don't know if you've really been using it all 5 months and have dropped it or weren't storing it properly or if it was really a defect, but after 5 months, it's going to look like you're trying to swindle a new laptop out of us. People try to all the time. We don't know if you're an honest person or not.

    Also, yelling isn't going to get you better service. It's just going to get you made fun of after you leave. Does anyone come to your work and cuss at you and call you names? Acting professionally and like an adult will get you a lot more respect from us, just as in any professional business transaction. We go the extra mile and do things that are normally out of our policy a LOT for people that are appreciative, treat us well, and allow us to do our jobs. Based on your post, it doesn't seem like you did any of those things. Don't look down on people that work retail, and don't treat us like we're dirt. We don't have to go the extra mile to help you, but we will under the correct circumstances.

    You know the saying, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?" Take it to heart.

    Other than that, I don't think you're going to get anywhere. Your laptop functions properly, and there's no way for either us or Acer to verify that it is indeed a defect and not misuse or abuse of the machine, since it's cosmetic. It's the consumer's job to make sure that their product works as they expect before the return policy ends. If you happen to get someone REALLY nice on the phone at Acer, they might be able to repaint your computer and replace the hinge, but there will likely be some sort of charge. I know for a fact that we can't do it as a store, we don't have the necessary equipment. What you'll probably hear, though, is what Acer already told you - it's a cosmetic problem and they can't verify that it's a defect, and the scenario makes it sound like it's abuse of the machine, so you're probably SOL.

    The problem isn't because it was made in China - almost all electronics are made in China. I do know that Acer isn't exactly a 'high-end' laptop brand, so they might use cheaper finishes as a way to cut costs. That's just speculation on my part, though. Every laptop on the face of the planet is made in China, though, so that's not the problem.

    And telling your local paper won't do anything, we've had people threaten to do that before. We're private property, we can bar them entry, and it's not news anyway, unless you live in a really tiny town. Even then.

  3. Thanks for the advice, but I would not be making a big deal of this if it wasnt a defect. My parents brought numerous stuff from Best buy and almost all of the products had to be repaired within the 1 yr warranty. They brought a $2500 television that burned out in 4 months. A radio that was recalled also. I do blame best buy because if they carry acres products they are supporting them and obligated for what they sell in there store. Acer told me that they have a contract with best buy and that best buy will order a new screen and replace it and acre will be charged. They cant just say its not a defect they need to look at it and see if there were other complaints about the same computer. I am working on this and wll handle best buy and acer, they cant treat there customers like this.
  4. I believe you that it's a defect, but defects are the issue of the manufacturer, and no manufacturer covers cosmetic defects, no matter what company or where you bought it. Acer has a contract with us to fix defects that are covered by THEIR warranty terms (over which we have no control). Screen replacement is a defect covered by their warranty, but it's not the defect you're referring to, so what does it matter that we'd fix that?

    You can blame us all you want, but it's not going to get you anywhere. Try and be reasonable. Every retailer carries the same products from the same manufacturers. If we didn't carry ANY manufacturers that EVER manufactured a defective product, we wouldn't have any products to carry, every company makes manufacturing mistakes. Those same products, bought elsewhere, would have had to be repaired. The possibility of needing repair is why we offer service plans, which most people just assume are a ripoff (ours aren't).

    We're obligated for what we sell in store for 30 days or until the end of the service plan that you purchased. We make that very clear, and every other retailer in our category has the exact same policy. We're not obligated to every product we sell until the end of time. The customer service you're recieving from us is not unreasonable, but your expectations are. We don't open up every single product, use it, test it, and make sure it works - most customers refuse to buy products that don't have their factory seals on them. You can't have it both ways. It's now up to Acer to decide if your defect is covered and how they want to proceed.
  5. I'm trying to hold myself back on not going off on how rude you were. The problem with your laptop was not the Sales Associates fault, and there was absolutely no reason to yell, and then proceed to curse at him.

    Manufacturer's warranties normally cover technical damage...So if your hard drive went bust, it would be covered, but just because a bit of paint is rubbing off, does not mean that your laptop is defective and not fit for use.

    I can't even finish this, your post just ticked me off too much...
  6. PS: Paint rubbing off tends to be a pretty common cosmetic issue in many products dealing with electronics. I purchased a Canon camera a few years ago, and a few months after purchase, the paint started to rub off and now it's silver & gold speckled...I did contact Canon to let them know that it was doing that and asked if it was a common problem, and they said yes and that they were addressing the issue for their future models.

  7. Sorry I upset you, but we all have different opinions. I just got a call from the manager at best buy and they are going to try and fix it. :smile:
  8. Please be aware how far ABOVE AND BEYOND they're going for you, the behavior you described certainly did not warrant that level of service. What they're doing for you is completely above and beyond their scope of work and not something you deserve for treating them how you did. really, is it adult and mature to yell and call people names at their PLACE OF BUSINESS over the paint on your laptop? you should be ashamed of yourself, i assure you that your actions made you look like a complete fool.

  9. Ok amanda I dont know were your getting that I disrespected them first ok. I paid money for the laptop. I am a college student and its not easy. Its not just paint. They yelled at me first and disrespected ME! Please dont call me a fool because now that disrespectful. I am not ashamed of myself because I asked for what I paid for. I would appreciate it if you not call me a fool. Your acting like this because your work for the company I see were your coming from. Thank you

    Oh plus there not going ABOVE AND BEYOND its there job.
  10. isn't a hinge coming off an actual defect and not a cosmetic one?

  11. yes it is they told me it might have been loose. The paint is also coming off, so now we are trying to handle that.:smile:
  12. I think the think you're failing to see here, is that after 30 days, Best Buy is not responsible for what happens to your laptop. They did not manufacture it, and the fact that you decided not to use it for a few months (and therefore ran out of your BB warranty) is your own fault.

    You should have taken this issue up with Acer, not Best Buy. If Acer didn't want to help you out the first time, you should have gone back again and again until somebody either a) helped you or b) got through to you that paint rubbing off is not a mechanical defect.

    There are a lot of us who are in college (myself included, and I believe amanda is also still going to college) so we know how tight money can be, but that still doesn't mean that BB is responsible for what happened to your laptop.

    They really did go above and beyond what they are supposed to do in your case. They could have told you to leave the store after you blatantly disrespected their employee and asked you not to come back. They don't have to help you - it's not their problem!
  13. I'm reacting this way because I deal with people that act like you DESCRIBED yourself acting (you said in your original post that you started yelling at him and then cussed at him when he asked you not to yell - that's disrespectful, obviously) on a daily basis and it's absolutely beyond me why anyone thinks it's reasonable to treat people that way at their JOB. you said he got irritated with you - obviously he did if you were causing a scene. he's human and he's not there for you to yell at and abuse. anyone who works retail would have the same reaction, no matter what store they work at (lamiastella was just as irritated by your post as i was, and she's not an employee). i highly doubt he yelled at you first, there would be no reason for him to yell unless you were being rude (which, by your own description, you were). And if you didn't like his reaction to you, you should have asked to speak with his superior, not have a meltdown (and yelling over laptop paint in public and cussing is a meltdown) in the middle of best buy.

    the best way to get the treatment you want, both in stores and in life, is to act like you deserve it.
  14. EXACTLY. thank you.
  15. it is, but it's up to the manufacturer to decide if the hinge came off because of a defect or misuse (say, if she dropped it and the hinge came off) since the laptop is WELL outside of bets buy's return policy. if Acer decides that it was defective and the hinge should be replaced, best buy will honor that, but it's still the manufacturer's decision and not one that can be made in-store where you bought it. they contract out their repair work to us, but it's still their discression as to what does and does not fall under their warranty's terms.