Big Pocket Paddington Help

  1. Does anyone know if this bag comes in more than one size? The two pictures below look like they may not be the same size but I have not seen reference to a "small" big pocket paddington. Thanks for the help!
  2. I think they come in a large and medium. If you check the LVR site they have on sale a Large/Big Front Pocket in red. I think this Gris-Vert one from Chloé Bahrain is the smaller one while the one in the left is the bigger size.
  3. Thanks! That is what I was afraid of, I really want the bigger one in the gris and didn't want to ship it all that way only to find out it was small :sad:
  4. I'm not positve, but I think the gris-vert is the bigger pocket paddy because the smaller size front pocket, which I own, has a smaller pocket in the front and do not have the front two buckles on the right and left of the front lower part of the bag, to hold the sides down.
  5. Hmmm, I think the best way to know would be to email them! ;) It's still early, Chloé Bahrain is still open. Or better yet, call! :yes:
  6. mintpearl you are right! here's the link to the small pocket paddy at lvr: ::: shopping on line

    so, yes the gris-vert is the large one but to be sure, email/call anyway.
  7. Let me just say - I had the medium and that was huge and I am 5 10 and it was too big. I think the large would be like a walk in wardrobe!
  8. Hi. I emailed the pictures to verify and called and asked her to look at them. Waiting to hear back now. Thanks for all of your help!!!
  9. Leena just confirmed that it is the bigger size--yeah!!!! $867 :smile:
  10. Woohoo!!! :wlae:You will LOOOVE the Gris-Vert colour as I do!!!