Big pistachio kisses to mimz!!


Mar 29, 2006
So a couple of weeks ago, I'm at work, in a meeting - usually I can zone out a bit during meetings but this was an exception, very critical, absolutely no attention to spare for secretly checking eBay or my personal email... but my cell-phone rings... so I grab it and mutter "can't talk now" and snap it shut...

Half an hour later the meeting ended and I had 5 minutes before the next one, and something told me that checking my email was more important than going to the restroom...

And what do I find but a flurry of frantic messages from lovely mimz :love:, who had also managed to track down my cell number only to get hung up on (sorry! :shame:smile: and then went ahead and BINed for me on a pistachio clutch from lvlady99!!

After a bit of drama with my post office "losing" the package temporarily, I finally got my hands on it today, and oh gosh! it's soooo pretty, I'm thrilled and so grateful mimz took the risk and didn't let me miss this one. :heart::heart:

And just yesterday: Thanks to Zacorey dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!! Is it the holiday season?! ;)
AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! LP~ you know I would have done the BIN for you anytime!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: LOL That is just the best!!!!!! You forgot to post a picture!!!!! Now Mimi will have good karma for sure!!!!:yes:

:yahoo: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: