Big pistachio kisses to mimz!!

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  1. So a couple of weeks ago, I'm at work, in a meeting - usually I can zone out a bit during meetings but this was an exception, very critical, absolutely no attention to spare for secretly checking eBay or my personal email... but my cell-phone rings... so I grab it and mutter "can't talk now" and snap it shut...

    Half an hour later the meeting ended and I had 5 minutes before the next one, and something told me that checking my email was more important than going to the restroom...

    And what do I find but a flurry of frantic messages from lovely mimz :love:, who had also managed to track down my cell number only to get hung up on (sorry! :shame:smile: and then went ahead and BINed for me on a pistachio clutch from lvlady99!!

    After a bit of drama with my post office "losing" the package temporarily, I finally got my hands on it today, and oh gosh! it's soooo pretty, I'm thrilled and so grateful mimz took the risk and didn't let me miss this one. :heart::heart:

    And just yesterday: Thanks to Zacorey dreams come true!!!!!!!!!!! Is it the holiday season?! ;)
  2. wow!!! what a great story :heart::heart::wlae:
  3. AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! LP~ you know I would have done the BIN for you anytime!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: LOL That is just the best!!!!!! You forgot to post a picture!!!!! Now Mimi will have good karma for sure!!!!:yes:

    :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. I love hearing stories like that! You guys are all so sweet on this forum! :flowers:
  5. LP, I'm SO glad you got that awesome pistachio! Mimz that was so thoughtful of you to do. I LOVE this forum for this very reason!!!
  6. I'll take pics when we have a sunny day again... today was pretty dark and gloomy.
  7. LP you know I :love: you and I wouldn't have changed it for the world! I am so happy to help out and bring dream bags home ;) :huge hugs:
  8. I love it when dreams come true! Congrats to you LP! The bag sounds dreamy, can't wait to see pics.
  9. How exciting- I'd love to see it in a photo, perhaps?
    What fantastically sweet girls we have on this forum- snaps to you all:wlae:
  10. Aww, what a fantastic story! Congrats LP. Enjoy her and make sure to take pics soon.
  11. :yahoo: :party: :heart: :heart: :heart: says it all!!
  12. aww thats such a wonderful story!!! congrats, i cant wait to see the pictures!!!!!!
  13. LP, light up your room and go take some pix now!! no excuses, you can take more pix when it gets sunny.:supacool: way to go mimz!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. LP, i'm so excited for you! can't wait to see pics when it's bright and sunny. mimz, you're the best. so sweet of you!
  15. That is just great! Real acts of kindness and trust.
    Holiday hugs to all of you!