Big Pimpin' !

  1. :supacool: Come on...lemme ride... I have never seen anything like that.....words cannot express what I'm feeling..:wtf:
  2. :wtf:
  3. OMG! LMAO LMAO! I never get tired of seeing pictures of these things!
  4. Oh and off topic... this is really embarrassing but it's funny. This thread reminded me of it.

    You know that song that goes

    Big pimpin, spending g's

    Yeah I used to think it was

    Big pimpin, spreading cheese! WTF. I was singing it one day and my DH was like ummmm...NO!
  5. Omg, priceless :roflmfao:
  6. Of course.. how could I not know, Jay-Z is my rap GOD ! (oh along with Biggie and 2pac)
  7. :wtf:
  8. HOT!

  9. :weird: :lol: :lol:
  10. oh gosh =\
  11. :lol::lol::lol:
    What I don't get is where they get the LV material from???
    I can't imagine the boutique would ever place an order for such large quantities of canvas. So I know it must be fake but how would they even get their hands on so much fake canvas! The nerve of some people...
  12. Lol.
  13. When your big pimpin spending G's, anything is possible, perhaps 30 speedys were killed in this process??
  14. :lol: Probably more like 30 Keepalls!