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  1. Thinking of switching from ebene clemence to epi zcp for summer as i tend to bring a lot of mini bags to summer events

    Anyone else do this? Do u prefer larger or smaller wallets?
  2. I prefer mid to full-sized wallets and I've really been enjoying my ZCW a lot since I got her. I've also been eyeing a smaller wallet for my smaller summer bags and I would like some color. I have my eye on the ZCP in either Vernis or Empreinte, although I'm leaning more towards Vernis as there aren't any fun or vibrant colors out in the Empreinte leather right now.
  3. I have a Vernis zippy coin purse that I use as a wallet in my smaller bags and I love it! The ZCP is a great piece in all materials! I carry smaller bags in Spring/ Summer also, so I tend to use it for months at a time once I switch from my full size Cuireuse to my ZCP.
  4. I started using a ZCP as my main wallet about 6 months ago with my overflow cards in my cles. I really love how easy it is to have a small wallet -- it can fit in any purse, big or small.
  5. i use my empreinte key pouch in my smaller bags but as a daily wallet i prefer a full size bc i carry a lot of bank, credit, insurance cards and stamps, checkbook, papers, etc etc
  6. I prefer full size wallets to accommodate all my cards, receipts and all other junk as I seem to stuff everything in there. :P Been using my full size Zippy wallet daily since I got it 5 yrs ago and it's perfect for my use.
  7. I have had the Josephine wallet for ever! Then I got the ZCP which I transferred everything into except my checkbook (didn't fit). So I decided to sell the Josephine and purchased a pocket agenda for my checkbook. Couldn't be happier.
  8. I prefer mini wallets. I love wallets with key fobs. I don't bring cash or coins so I only bring cards. I stash my cards in a cles and I am good to go.
  9. The zippy coin purse is a nice size for small bags. I used one for about a year. After a while I tired of the small opening. I would also get bills caught in the zipper. I switched to a pocket organizer. No zipper and easier to organize. It holds about the same as the zcp. I think it's a men's slg?

  10. Me too exactly, my daily wallet is an Epi Zippy Organizer ( go big or go home! ) and I use my cles in small crossbodies and clutches [emoji173]️

    I wouldn't rule out a ZCP someday but the cles works great for my purposes!
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