Big or Small.. Post your November Chanel haul.

  1. Hello PFers . Post your November goodies. I hope to post here this month! :heart::biggrin:
  2. I’ll kick it off my recent purchases! I went on a major spree today. I am saving one for myself for Christmas so I have not opened it yet! But purchased an SLG, WOC and jumbo today :doh:. Loving both of the two I opened today!
    58AD6EC8-F21D-4C7E-9BB4-2EF923C3A79A.jpeg C51152C1-1471-4833-86EE-C2ACD768ECDA.jpeg
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  3. :love::yahoo::loveeyes:Yippee Steph5487! Your WOC is a total stunner (hard to tell on my screen but it looks like the purple (?)& I adore that coin/card case (almost got that exact one myself, but my rational side kicked in & said don’t “need” it, just WANT it:giggle:) Wow you have quite the discipline waiting until Christmas to open your 3rd treat/jumbo!!!:drinks::girlsigh:
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  4. IMG_1509792022.714730.jpg
    Here we go!
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  5. Dear Kendie thank you for your excitement! The WOC is iridescent purple with rainbow hardware! A combo I never thought I would like but absolutely fell in love with it! My need and want went out the window with this purchase :sad: the reason I have been able to wait until Christmas is because DH May divorce me if I came home with 3 pieces of Chanel in one day :amazed: also who doesn’t need a Christmas gift for themselves :P
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  7. Thank you!
  8. Lol thank you dear! Never thought i would buy s boy bag, but this totally took my breath away
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  9. Hahaha:lol::coolio::giggle:too funny, i love your thought process (last 2 sentences:tup:)
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  10. It took only two days before I caved. I felt way too guilty hiding it from him! Plus he didn’t care anyway!
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  11. Got these 2 beauties at Heathrow airport yesterday...silver caviar Boy (Old Medium) and a stainless steel handcuff :angel:

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    Hello My Lovely Fellow Chanel Enthusiasts,
    While I am anxiously awaiting the 18C light beige mini I couldn't help but pre-order this beauty.:heart:
  13. I know it’s an older piece but picked this up this weekend. A bit in two minds about the chevron but I love the colour

    (Same item in diff lighting)
    8ADF6518-67EA-46D9-9D08-21629CF1F6AE.jpeg 5155974E-95DB-4F8C-97A2-225CB3C3AC35.jpeg
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  14. P
    This is the most beautiful bag EVER in my opinion! I looked for it for a year! Where did you find it? kendie has it too and honestly, I think it is perfection. Congrats!
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