Big or small Paddy wallet?


Which is better?

  1. Big Brown Paddy

  2. Small Black Paddy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. ok. so i have my heart set on a paddy wallet. Please help ladies! which one should i get? the big paddy wallet or the small paddy wallet? they are both so cute i can't decide!
    bigpaddy.jpg smallpaddy.jpg
  2. I have the big wallet and love it, plenty of space for cards, bills, change, receipts ect. I've had small wallets in the past and I always run out of room.
  3. Big wallet for sure!

    I had a small purple Prada wallet that I loved but then my guy bought me a huge Mulberry wallet. Now I can't imagine going back
  4. I would get the bigger one.
  5. I depends on how much stuff you have. If you aren't carrying around a bunch a cards and what not, don't get the big one just to have the big one.
  6. nawth21, is the big one heavy or bulky in any way?

    i'm a pack rat so i have a ton of stuff. :P
  7. Nope, its not.
  8. I have the big one & it's fabulous! Not only very function but gorgeous as well!
  9. I like the baby one :biggrin:
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